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In February 2015, Rooster Teeth animator Monty Oum died suddenly at the age of 33. He was best known for his work on the popular web series RWBY. In the days following his death, tributes from fans and colleagues poured in. One such tribute came from fellow Rooster Teeth animator Gray Haddock, who said Monty once told him that RWBY’s character Yang Xiao Long was gay. This revelation sparked speculation about whether or not Yang is gay. There’s no confirmation from Rooster Teeth or Monty Oum’s family, but many fans believe so. Gray Haddock’s tribute to Monty Oum shows that he was not only a talented animator, but also a supportive friend who valued diversity in his work.

Are there Lgbt characters in Rwby?

Are there Lgbt characters in Rwby?
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At the moment it is not known whether there are any LGBT characters in RWBY. However, the show’s creator Monty Oum has said he is open to the idea of ​​having LGBT characters on the show.

Why it’s great to see LGBTQia+ characters positively represented in popular culture

Blake’s sexuality is unknown; she is most likely bisexual or lesbian, but it’s hard to say for sure. Nevertheless, these characters are important members of the LGBTQIA communityand it is encouraging to see them in such a positive light.

Are Blake and Yang a thing?

There is no answer to this question because it is subjective. Some people may say yes, they are a thing, while others may say no, they are not a thing. It really depends on the perspective of the person answering the question.

The complicated relationship between Yang and Blake

It is known that Yang and Blake have a Close relationship. They have fought each other countless times and are known to trust each other extremely. However, it is important to remember that their relationship is first and foremost a friendship. There don’t seem to be any signs of further problems between them at this point.

Are Blake and Yang Canon?

There is no answer to this question, because it depends on the interpretation. Some people may believe that Blake and Yang are canon because they are often seen together and have a close relationship, while others may not believe that they are canon because there are no official confirmation from the creators of the show. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they believe Blake and Yang are canon.

Is Blake and Yang’s relationship canon?

Fans have come to enjoy the song I Bet. The relationship between Blake and Yang was confirmed by the song You Look Good on the Dancefloor. The song refers to Yang and Blake, two people who seem to have a romantic connection, and the lyrics seem to suggest that their relationship is sincere. The song seems to support the idea that the two are at least friends, despite the fact that the two aren’t in one romantic relationship and that there is no coincidence. Despite both claiming to be in love, fans of Robert Frost and The Vampire Diaries disagree over whether Yang and Blake are officially in a relationship. Even if they’re referred to as if they are, it’s fair to say they’re a couple until the show explicitly states otherwise. In the seventh volume, Ren and Nora discuss them as if they are, even though nothing is explicitly stated. There’s a chance the show will reverse its decision and declare that they’re just dating, but in the meantime, the fandom seems firmly in agreement that they’re dating. Blake and Yang’s ship isn’t the most popular of the three, but there’s a lot to love about them, and fans are curious to see what happens when the two romance.