Tesla’s ‘Holiday Update’ adds Steam games and Apple Music

Tesla’s new “Holiday Update” adds a few highly anticipated new features, including the ability to play games from Steam in your car and support for Apple Music.

Tesla already offers a ton of games for owners like Cup head and Stardew Valley, and Steam’s official addition doesn’t come as a total surprise, as CEO Elon Musk tweeted back in July that the company was “moving forward” with a Steam integration. But now that Steam for Tesla is finally here, owners could have done just that a lot more games available to them.

Steam isn’t the only major app coming to Teslas; the company’s cars are finally getting Apple Music, too. The app had reportedly appeared in a Model S in a museum exhibit last monthand now it’s officially rolling out as part of an official Tesla release.

The holiday update also includes many other features. An improved light show mode allows you to schedule a show that will appear in multiple vehicles at the same time. The company released one pretty ridiculous video to show it:

Updated December 14, 2:56 AM ET: Steam is reportedly available in S and X vehicles from 2022 or newer with 16 GB of RAM.