250 million devices run on Android Go, but the new version is more demanding

google has announced that more than a quarter of a billion devices people use every month use Android Go edition, which is designed for phones with limited storage and memory. However, the new version that Google announced on Wednesday, Android 13 Go, will require more power than its predecessors.

The new version also adds Google’s streamlined Google Play System Updates system, which the company says will help users keep their phones up to date without taking up a lot of space and roll out new features and security patches. without the need for a full version. boring phone update. Android 13 Go also includes features from the regular version of the operating system, such as notification permissions and the ability to change which language an individual app uses.

The company says that new phones with Android 13 Go will arrive in 2023. That’s an important note because it’s very possible that many people using Android Go will need to upgrade their hardware to get the new version. For years, Google promoted it as “built for smartphones with less than 2 GB of RAM”, but as Esper editor Mishaal Rahman points outthe Android 13 version required at least 2 GB of memory and 16 GB of storage. That is an important step forward from the 1GB requirement for the Android 11 and 12 versionsso phones built for the new version of Go will have to be a bit sturdier to handle it.