Angela Bassett stated she proudly admits having had plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has traditionally been considered taboo in Hollywood, which is why many celebrities strive to hide their treatments. But not Angela Bassett, who is open about her cosmetic procedure. One would never be able to accurately determine Bassett’s age. Her glowing complexion and timeless attractiveness make her appear to be in her early 50s despite being 64 years old.

And this has always piqued the interest of her followers, who often inquire about her beauty routine. During an interview with NewBeauty in 2019, she finally revealed all her secrets. When asked if she had done anything beauty-related that would surprise her admirers, she revealed that she had undergone minimal and non-invasive cosmetic surgery.

“I realize that eyelashes are nothing new! Botox is nothing new! I believe in being natural, but I’ve done it twice. Just a smidgeonon What else is there? “I also did Ultherapy,”

Angela Bassett relies on skin care in addition to plastic surgery.

The actress also revealed some of the other secrets of her ageless beauty. She was obsessed with skincare, especially since her career forced her to appear in front of the camera and on stage.

“It’s critical. When I’m not on stage or in front of the camera, I go without makeup – I think it’s important to keep a bright, clean and fresh palette. “I’m a potion and lotion person, so if you make me promises, I’ll give you a shot,” the Black Panther actress said.

Angela Bassett

Bassett also said she appreciated the iS Clinical serums because they performed well for her. She also used cosmetologists and Dr. Pearl Grimes, her longtime Los Angeles dermatologist. But the actress also attributed her desirable beauty to another factor. She claimed that one’s mental and emotional state influenced one’s physical appearance. According to her, trust was essential and anyone could be as beautiful or horrible as they wanted.

Angela Bassett’s Health and Fitness Routine

She also discussed her wellness regimen, which includes her good eating habits and physical activity in addition to this advice. Bassett is not afraid to exercise and she told Prevention that she had been doing TRX training with Rob Thompson for a while to get Fit By Rob. They started with minimal cardio and ran a half mile before lifting barbells while sitting on a bench and doing some machines.

“I do a lot of cardio and strength training and I meditate when I can.” “When I’m not on the road or shooting, I like to exercise with my friends,” the actress told the site.

Angela Bassett

The actress also follows a skin-friendly diet. During her Mission Impossible: Fallout press tour in 2018, Bassett said she ate vegetables every day, but carbs, protein, and healthy fats like salmon and olive oil only twice a week.