Valve’s latest Steam Deck beta will list the internal components

Valve rolls out a new batch of beta updates for its Steam Deck, one of which could aid maintenance and repairs for the portable gaming PC by listing internal components and saving owners from cracking the device itself to find out.

The new component lookup view shows the model and manufacturer of each major hardware element within individual Steam Decks. However, the list is only a snapshot of factory-installed components and so will not recognize or update new hardware that users install themselves. Users who have enabled beta client updates can access the new component lookup from the Settings > System > Model/Serial Numbers button.

The feature will display factory-installed components, but not recognize new installations.

Valve said the added component transparency was introduced because fans of the system had requested it, citing the benefits for customers looking to repair or replace components through iFixit.

The exact manufacturer of individual components can have a surprising effect on the overall system, as demonstrated earlier this year when gadget gear company Dbrand had to redesign its ‘Project Killswitch’ Steam Deck case. It turns out the case’s magnetic stand slowed down the fans in some Steam Deck models – but nothing but the one with fans made by Delta, rather than Huaying. Valve notes that the Steam Deck will continue to use both Delta and Huaying fans going forward, and that it has been “rolled in a technical foam solution on the Steam Deck backplate to reduce the noise” caused by the fans.

A photo of the back of the Killswitch case with the magnetic stand attached and extended

The magnetic stand on Dbrand’s Project Killswitch case bothered Delta fans in some Steam deck units.
Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

Some smaller updates have also been introduced in the beta channel, including the ability to skip boot animations by pressing the B button – something we can use when we get tired of the custom 30 second boot animations. Support has also been added for user-created virtual menu icons and additional controllers such as the Hori Fighting Commander Octa and various third-party PS3/PS4/PS5 controllers.

It is currently unknown when these beta features will be released in the full build. If you want to give them a spin ahead of the full release, you can enable the Client beta by going to Settings > System > Steam Update Channel.