Logitech updates Crayon stylus with missing USB-C port in Apple Pencil

Logitech has a updated version of the Crayon stylus coincide with the announcement of Apple’s new iPads. The new stylus costs the same as the old model, $69.95, but now has a USB-C charging port instead of Lightning — a useful change given the 10th-generation iPad’s move from Lightning to USB-C.

The change means the Logitech Crayon arguably has a much more elegant charging mechanism than Apple’s $99 first-party Pencil when used with the base-level iPad. Logitech’s new stylus can be charged with just the USB-C cable that comes with the tablet — no clunky USB-C to Lightning adapter required. The second-generation wireless charging Apple Pencil is not compatible with Apple’s new entry-level iPad.

Apple’s product page states that the Crayon lasts up to seven hours on a single charge, compared to 12 hours for the Apple Pencil. MacRumors also notes that Logitech’s stylus doesn’t have the pressure sensitivity of Apple’s first party model. But when you’re talking about an accessory for Apple’s most affordable tablet line, these kinds of price-conscious trade-offs can be worth it.