Who is Kory Keefer from Season 2 of “Winter House”?

Winter house season 2 premieres this Thursday and the Bravo stars are thrilled. Reality TV stars from Summer House and Southern Charm, as well as a few friends, will join the program for a two-week vacation in Vermont. Kory Keefer, Craig Conover’s undergraduate classmate, is one of the show’s newbies.

According to the show’s press release:

“The drama gets bigger as the temperature drops! On a two-week vacation in Stowe, Vermont, some of Bravo’s famed “Summer House” and “Southern Charm” cast members and their friends will go on the ideal winter getaway. As this raucous couple embarks on an amazing adventure packed with hot tub hookups and icy haircuts, the six-episode series reaches new heights.”

Meet Craig’s classmate Kory Keefer for the second season of Winter House.

Kory and Craig were college friends belonging to the same fraternity, Kappa Sigma, at the College of Charleston. The first was born in Maryland and grew up in South Carolina, where he now runs a gym. Craig characterized their relationship in his book Pillow Talk as “the same person, just in different bodies.”

Kory Keefer

When Craig was cast in Southern Charm, he expected Kory to join him, but his friend didn’t make it and the two fell out. Shortly before Winter House, however, they reunited. Things are about to change with Kory’s addition to the gang. The bachelor looking to have some fun on the program is bound to cause some controversy. He said in the show’s teaser that he plans to chase all the ladies at Winter House. He is spotted flirting with other newcomers, including Jessica Stocker. In his trailer confessional, he said:

“The females in the house have no idea, but right now I’m chasing them all a bit.”

Kory’s entrance into Winter House “means trouble,” according to Kyle Cook, as Craig is someone he looked up to until the last meeting Paige, after which his reputation was less than great. According to his Bravo profile, he is an “adrenaline addict at heart and gym owner by trade.” It went on to say that he attends the performance to meet ladies and hang out with Craig. It went on:

“It won’t be long before Kory becomes the heartthrob of the house and gets the interest of more than one of the housemates, but will he be able to devote his attention to just one?”

Kory Keefer

Jessica Stocker, Rachel Clark, Craig Conover, Kyle Cook, Amanda Batula, Jason Cameron, Tom Sandavol, Tom Schwartz, Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson and Paige Desorbo are among the newcomers to the Winter House cast. Craig and Paige, who have just made their love public, embark on their first trip together and move in together for the first time. They were in a long-distance relationship until Paige decided to leave New York and move to Charleston to be closer to her lover. She says in the teaser that she has never lived with a man, and that scares her.