What happened to Bill Nye? Arrested? Drugs, Net Worth, Bio

Recently, it was rumored that scientist, engineer and TV host Bill Nye was arrested for manufacturing and distributing drugs. These speculations come from the satire website Huslers, which posted an article telling of Nye’s arrest for “allegedly selling and manufacturing illegal drugs such as marijuana, acid and crystal meth.” The article also accused him of being responsible for most of the drug trade in Los Angeles.

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Despite the fact that Huzlers has always been honest about its satirical and comedic nature, some people on the internet have taken Bill Nye’s article out of context and spread it as true. However, Bill Nye has not been arrested or charged with any such crimes.

Who is Bill Nye?

William Sanford ‘Bill’ Nye is an American communicator, mechanical engineer and television personality, born November 27, 1955 in Washington, DC, USA. He is known for his show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” on PBS.

early life

Bill Nye is the son of Jacqueline Jenkins and Edwin Darby Nye – he has a sister named Susan and a brother named Darby. William’s mother was a mathematician and psychologist who worked as a codebreaker for the United States government during World War II, in which his father Edwin also served as a contractor for the United States Armed Forces.

While growing up in Washington DC, William attended Lafayette Elementary School and then began studying at Alice Deal Junior High, until he received a scholarship to attend Sidwell Friends, from which he graduated in 1973.

William Nye then enrolled at Cornell University’s Sibley School in New York, graduating with a major in Mechanical Engineering. During his time in college, William took classes with Carl Sagan: “His classes were just fantastic,” said Nye in an interview – ‘If you saw the series ‘Cosmos’, his lectures were just like those television programs’.


First steps

Nye’s first scientific job was working for the Boeing Corporation, where he invented a muffler tube for airplanes. He also worked for Sundstrand Data Control in Seattle and tried to participate in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) training program, but was unsuccessful. Nye was a mentor to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and volunteered with the nonprofit Pacific Science Center.

During his time in Seattle, Nye discovered his love of comedy by impersonating the actor Steve Martin and even winning a lookalike contest. It was then that he decided to create his own stand-up comedy routine, while still working as an engineer. In 1986, however, he decided to quit his job in Sundstrand to work full-time as a comedian.

“Almost life!” & More

In 1986, Nye began working as a writer and actor for the show “Almost Live!”, taking the name Bill Nye. Although he didn’t have a section on the show at first, he started a science demonstration on the program after one of the guests canceled their presentation. Nye’s segment turned out to be very successful and led to him winning an Emmy for it.

In 1989, he began hosting his own program, “Fabulous Wetlands,” an educational series focused on showcasing wetlands and ecosystems in Washington.

In addition, Bill Nye provided information on ecology and environmental conservation, explaining the topics with a sense of humor, which promptly set the show apart from other educational and scientific series of the era. Due to his success as a presenter, Bill Nye was invited to appear in Disney’s “All-New Mickey Mouse Club”.

Even before appearing on Disney, Bill Nye had always wanted to create a children’s show, an idea reinforced by a meeting he had with Carl Sagan in 1987. Sagan – who had hosted the highly successful “Cosmos” series – told him the series concept shouldn’t be about technology and engineering like Nye had thought before: ‘He said ‘Focus on pure science. Children resonate more with pure science than with technology’, and that turned out to be good advice’.

Bill Nye

In 1991, Bill Nye appeared in a real-life segment of “Back to the Future: The Animated Series”. The series was short-lived, however, as it ended in 1993.

Bill Nye, the scientist

Next, Bill Nye, along with Ross Shafer, the National Science Foundation, Rabbit Ears Productions, and Disney Television, created the show “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” in which Nye presented herself in a lab coat, showing experiments and scientific information and insights in a simple, fun way for kids.

The series resulted in huge success and broke records by becoming one of the most watched programs in its category, winning 19 Emmy Awards in the five years the series aired. The series not only became a reference for children, but also attracted the attention of adults.

“Bill Nye The Science Guy” was used in schools as an educational tool and led Nye to publish several books based on it. His appearances in Walt Disney Parks and Ellen’s Energy Adventure were also notable.

In 1998, the show ended, but it not only deeply affected television history, but also changed the popular perception of science. In a 2013 interview with the Seattle Met, Bill Nye said he viewed the program’s success as a result of its groundbreaking and original concept: “School curricula do follow us. We took it off. That’s why the show has stood the test of time, if you ask for a theory.”

Nye’s eyes & more

After the success of “The Science Guy”, Bill Nye wanted to talk about more in-depth topics.

Despite creating the concept of “The Eyes of Nye,” KCTS put off production and premiere for years, unsure of its likely success. The project was later bought by American Public Television in 2005, when the show finally premiered. However, the series was not very successful and only lasted one season on the air.

In the following years, Nye hosted the shows “100 Greatest Discoveries” and “Greatest Inventions With Bill Nye”, and made short appearances in “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” and “The Climate Code”. In 2008, he hosted Planet Green’s “Stuff Happens” and teamed up with fellow science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson on an episode of “Brain Storm.”

In 2016, Netflix premiered “Bill Nye Saves the World”, a series in which he explores a variety of scientific topics and their impact on people’s everyday lives. The series was extended for three seasons until its end in 2018.

Private life

Romantic life

Bill Nye married Blair Tindall in 2006, although a few weeks later he annulled the marriage due to Tindall’s allegedly disrespectful and abusive behavior towards him, as she allegedly stole items from his house, damaged his decency, and tried emailing him. to defame emails. He was eventually given a restraining order against her. There are no public details that Bill has other romantic associations.

Political views and advocacy

Bill Nye has openly endorsed the Democratic Party for being a close adviser to the Obama administration and openly supporting Joe Biden during his 2020 presidential campaign.

On an episode of Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast “Getting Curious,” Nye also expressed concern about Donald Trump’s administration and its negative environmental impact.

Net value

As of late 2020, Bill Nye has an estimated net worth of $8 million, which is largely due to his work as a TV show host and other media appearances.

Physical appearance

Bill Nye is a man of white ethnicity – he has brown-red hair and amber eyes. He is 1.85 m tall, but his current weight is unknown.

Bill Nye The scientist is nothing to scoff at!

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Interesting facts

Bill Nye has appeared on the popular long-running sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” twice.

In 2018, he played baseball in the National League All-Star Legends event.

He consents to criminal prosecution people who would question the international consensus on climate change: ‘as a taxpayer and voter, the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change affects my quality of life as a citizen’.

Although he does not suffer from ataxia, his two siblings are affected by this nervous system disease, inherited from their father’s family. This is why Bill Nye has never had children because he fears they will suffer.