Naked Truth About Monami Frost’s Husband, Real Name, Age, Wiki

Who is Monami Frost? Wiki Bio

Monami Frost was born Irena on January 5, 1994 in Latvia – last name unknown – so her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she has Latvian nationality. She is a YouTuber, model and entrepreneur who gained fame thanks to numerous tattoos she inked on her skin.

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Youth and education

Monami was raised as a single child in Latvia by her father, the owner of a small grocery store, and her mother, who worked as a cleaning lady.

She became interested in singing when she was in elementary school, and her parents enrolled her in a music school where she learned to play the guitar and piano.

Monami entered many singing competitions, but won none, and started causing trouble for her family around the time she enrolled in a public high school. She started skipping classes and met her first boyfriend whose name is unknown, from whom she became pregnant at the age of 14. Although her peers told her to have an abortion, Monami decided to keep the baby and gave birth to her daughter Gabriella in 2009.

It is widely believed that Monami did not graduate from high school, but concentrated on raising her child.

Career as a model and YouTuber

Monami had her first surgery at age three to fix an appendix problem, and when she was 10, she had another surgery to remove a lump close to her right eyebrow.

It was around this time that she realized she could use surgery to change her appearance, and soon had her first piercing. She has done all her piercings herself and at the age of 14 she got her first tattoo.

Since tattoos and piercings were and are a bit of a taboo in Europe, Monami launched her YouTube channel on December 2, 2012, where she uploads videos about tattoos, including tips, question and question videos, makeup tutorials and cooking recipes. She is a raw vegan and uses her channel to promote this way of life and to share her tips and advice with her fans. The channel is currently subscribed to over 700,000 people while all of her videos together have been viewed more than 76 million times.

Two of Monami’s most popular videos are “WHAT MY VEGAN DAUGHTER EATS IN A DAY”, which has been viewed more than 3.55 million times since its upload on October 25, 2017, and “BLACK ARM TATTOO – Q&A – MONAMI FROST”, over viewed 3 times. 2.6 million times since May 26, 2015. Monami is also an Instagram star, as her account is followed by more than 1.6 million people, who are interested in the more than 4,200 photos that Monami has uploaded on it.

She is also an entrepreneur and has launched her own clothing line – “Frost Streetwear” – which is produced in the UK and represents Monami’s own style. She is responsible for designing the clothing, packaging it and promoting it on the social media networks.

She and her husband opened the vegan restaurant Frost Burgers in Liverpool UK, which has a 4.8/5 star rating on Google after nearly 500 people rated the restaurant. She is also a writer and has published her cookbook “Vegan Home Cooking With Monami Frost” which consists of 100 recipes, 72 of which are gluten-free.

Personal matters, love life and relationships

Monami was in a relationship with her daughter Gabriella’s father for many years before the two decided to split up sometime in the early 2010s. Shortly before the breakup, Monami was in London to meet some of her close friends, and then she met Anrijs Straumer, a somewhat popular tattoo artist. It is widely believed that Monami broke up with Gabriella’s father so she could date Anrijs, and over the next five years he was responsible for almost all the tattoos that can be seen on Monami’s skin today.

Monami Frost

They got married sometime in 2018 in a private ceremony attended by only their closest friends and family, and in 2019 Monami gave birth to their child. One of the first gifts Monami got from Anrijs when they started dating was a mixtape with Solaris’ song “Mark Frost (MonAmi)” on it and Monami was inspired by the song to choose “Monami Frost” as her professional name. .

Hobbies and other interests

Two of Monami’s favorite tattoos are her black sleeve and the snowflake Anrijs has tattooed on her forehead – it represents her name and her uniqueness, as each snowflake can never be the same as the other. She likes to look pretty when she goes out, but prefers to wear her boyfriend’s clothes around the house, which are usually too big for her. She is physically active and plays a variety of sports including tennis and soccer while also hitting the gym twice a week.

Monami likes the outdoors and prefers nature over big cities, and because she likes to travel, she has been to many national parks in Europe and mountains, including the Alps, which she has visited in Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Monami likes to watch movies and TV series in her spare time, and some of her favorite actors and actresses are Keanu Reeves, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, while some of her favorite movies are the trilogy “The Matrix”, “The Pursuit of Happyness ” to be. ‘, and ‘Seven Pounds’, while her favorite TV series are ‘Friends’ and ‘Breaking Bad’.

Appearance and power

Monami is 26 years old. She has long black hair and brown eyes, is 1.65 m tall and weighs about 55 kg. As of May 2020, her assets is estimated at just over $1 million.

Who is Anrijs Straume, Monami’s husband? Wiki Bio

Anrijs Straume was born in Riga, Latvia in the late 1980s – his zodiac sign would be Taurus and he has Latvian nationality. He was raised as an only child by his father, who was a taxi driver, and his mother, who worked as a nurse at a local hospital.

He grew up drawing and started listening to metal music during his teens, which led to him wanting to have tattoos just like the singers he admired. He started drawing the tattoos he wanted to get on his skin, and after getting his first tattoo at the age of 17, he fell in love with tattoos even more and started saving money for new ones. In 2008 he decided he might as well tattoo himself and other people, and was hired for an internship in Derby UK at Studio One Tattoo.

There he learned the basics of the trade, including a variety of styles, and created his own style that he calls “Dark Trash Realism.” Anrijs and his style have since become somewhat popular and collectors from all over the world come to the UK to get one of his original tattoos.

During an interview Anrijs explained that his biggest source of inspiration is Monami, because she is always there for him and works as hard as he does or even harder, while some of his other sources of inspiration are nature, animals and movies. He is a vegan like Monami, and has stated that it makes him sick how people in the 21st century breed animals to kill them and make them suffer.

Anrijs currently works in the private studio Bold in Liverpool, UK.