Esmeralda Amada – The daughter of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Who is Esmeralda Gosling?

Esmeralda is the daughter and firstborn child by A-list actors Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

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Esmeralda Amada’s age, zodiac sign, family and educational background

Esmeralda Gosling used to be born under the Virgo zodiac sign on September 12, 2014, making her five years old in mid-2020. Eva and Ryan’s first-born child was born in Santa Monica, California; her name Amada was the name of a character played by her mother Eva in 2007’s “We Own the Night.” Esmeralda’s father is of Canadian descent while her mother, a very famous actress, is Cuban.

She has a younger sister, Amada Lee, who is a year younger than her.

Esmeralda’s mother Eva has immersed her daughters in her Cuban culture to the best of her ability. Thanks to her efforts, Esmeralda and Amada Lee can speak Spanish and English fluently from a young age. Her father was selected for the Academy Award for his outstanding achievement in 2006’s “Half Nelson” as a teacher. He likes to play a loving father with his daughters while taking them to class.

Mendes and Gosling have not yet revealed where Amada goes to school.

Chances are, however, that Esmeralda and her sister haven’t started their education yet. In a recent interview, Ryan Gosling revealed that their two children are currently undergoing early language training, meaning they have not yet attended formal school.

Esmeralda Amada Career, Personal and Family Life

The daughter van Gosling and Eva, Esmeralda, is a five-year-old who clearly hasn’t chosen her career path yet. She takes language lessons at a young age and relies on her parents for crucial decisions. Esmeralda’s parents are both in show business and have ventured into several television series and movies.

Esmeralda Amada with her parents

Ryan is an eminent Canadian actor and celebrated musician from London, Ontario. He started acting at the age of 13 and starred in many shows and films such as ‘Road to Avonlea’, ‘Remember the Titans’ and ‘Flash Forward’.

Eva Mendes is a retired American model, actress and businesswoman. She started her career in the 1990s and has starred in numerous films such as ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’, ‘Ghost Rider’, ‘Last Night’, ‘Beyond the Pines’ and many more.

Esmeralda’s parents’ successful careers have enabled them to provide their daughter with an elegant and stylish lifestyle.

A certain character is said to have inspired the name of Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s girl in a movie. Eva, who named her first daughter Esmeralda Amada, was inspired by her role in the movie “We Own The Night”, where she starred as Amada, as revealed by Amada’s first name, Esmeralda, may have been inspired by “96 Disney Flick, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” She may also have chosen the name as a reference for her previous character as Esmeralda in the TV series ‘VIP’.

Esmeralda Amada Personal life, dating and boyfriend

Esmeralda is currently in a relationship with only her family and parents; she is way too young for a five year old romantic relationship. Her parents met and fell in love in 2011, when they shot the movie ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’. The couple is not married; nevertheless, they have two baby girls born in 2014 and 2016.

Young Esmeralda loves playing and listening to Cuban music.

During an interview, her mother revealed that she not only taught them Cuban music, but also made it a habit to speak to her daughters in Spanish on a regular basis. She does this to pass on her Cuban culture to her daughters. Unfortunately, Eva Mendes did not disclose the efforts the family made to introduce their daughters to Gosling’s Canadian culture. Esmeralda also likes to give her mom colorful but crazy makeovers – Mendes has posted several colorful, wild and funny full face makeover photos on her Instagram account.

Esmeralda Amada Body Measurement

Esmeralda has an average body weight and height; as a five year old she is small and has yet to reach her full body potential. The adorable Esmeralda has light brown hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. Any information about her current weight, height, dress size or shoe size has not been shared with the public.

Esmeralda Amada .’s Net Worth

Esmeralda is a famous child who is completely dependent on her parents for financial transactions; her parents’ wealth has enabled her to live a lavish lifestyle along with her sister.

Ryan Grossing, her father, has a net worth of approximately $60 million. Her mother, on the other hand, is worth almost $15 million. Esmeralda Amada is estimated to be worth $5 million as of 2019; She is known as a Lesley Gracia Family member.

When it comes to popularity, Amada is ranked as the most popular celeb with the first name Esmeralda. Also, she is ranked as the 35th most popular five-year-old celebrity; she comes in at position 18,174 when it comes to the trendiest celebrities.