Chris Martin stated that he was afraid of working with BTS for the first time

Coldplay’s Chris Martin made an unexpected revelation when he said he was initially reluctant to partner with BTS due to linguistic and cultural issues. Martin noted that when someone recommended the British rock band work with BTS, he was hesitant at first because of the septet’s different culture and language:

“At first I was judgmental, as typically my first reaction is because I’m human.”

He revealed this during the 2022-2023 Music of the Spheres World Tour performance of The Astronaut with BTS Jin in Argentina. Today, however, he considers himself fortunate as an artist and as a vocalist for Coldplay that they made the essential choice to work with BTS.

BTS followers applaud Chris Martin’s candor and express their own emotions.

While presenting Jin onstage, Chris Martin said he was initially hesitant to collaborate with the K-pop titans, admitting the band had a narrow-minded attitude and the fear of collaborating with musicians outside their culture uncharted territory. before them. He overcame his prejudices and accepted a chance to collaborate with BTS on the deep and relaxing My Universe track, which was released last year. Not only was the song a huge hit on the charts, but the worldwide boy groups became friends as a result of their collaboration, and it was a joyful and rewarding working relationship for both parties.

Chris Martin shared what he discovered during the trial:

“Instead of being afraid of the other, embrace him.”

BTS fans praised Chris Martin for his open and honest confession about working with the K-pop septet. ARMYs also loved how he realized he was mistaken in fostering this bias and how happy and delighted they were to work and be friends with BTS. During the quarantine, Chris Martin flew to South Korea to finish recording for My Universe with the Bangtan band and also learned Korean to add those lines to the song.

ARMYs applaud Chris Martin for maintaining a genuine working relationship with the members of BTS rather than using them for influence and exposure, as many western musicians have done in the past. Certain ARMYs even admitted to having previous prejudices towards the Bangtan members and how they overcame them to become lifelong admirers of the septet. Coldplay didn’t hesitate when Jin reached out to Chris Martin six months ago looking for the best farewell song dedicated to ARMYs before joining the military, and My Universe was extremely well received by fans around the world.

The Astronaut is a present for Jin, co-written by Bangtan vocalist and Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin, who also provided background vocals with son Moses Martin, while the rest of the band provided instrumentation. Not only have the two boy bands become friends, but Chris Martin has gone out of his way on multiple occasions to praise and protect Bangtan members, and cement their lifelong bond.

Behind the scenes of their latest collaboration, Chris Martin and BTS Jin demonstrated their dancing skills.

ARMYs loved Chris Martin’s love and admiration for Jin when they recently took center stage at Coldplay’s performance in Argentina, where they sang The Astronaut for the first time in front of a live audience. Fans praised the beautiful rapport and camaraderie the Bangtan members formed with Coldplay, especially after seeing a behind-the-scenes video of Chris Martin slowly dancing with Jin during the prep. You can see Jin approaching Chris Martin and giving him a big hug. Chris Martin, on the other hand, turned it into a mini waltz session, on which Jin danced.

Chris Martin

Jin and Coldplay gave a fantastic live rendition of The Astronaut, to acclaim and praise from fans around the world. Meanwhile, Jin’s The Astronaut tops the iTunes charts in more than 100 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore and Thailand.