Can we expect season 2 of ‘Smiley’ on Netflix? Here’s what we know

A recent Netflix original series has a full comment on its first season teaser that reads: “Never before have I enjoyed a Netflix series as much as this one. Make season 2 a reality.”

And no, the commentary didn’t mention Wednesday (although we love that series, too). They were talking about Smiley!

The Spanish Netflix romance comedy Smiley is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The plot revolves around the romance between the bartender Alex (Carlos Cuevas) and the architect Bruno (Miki Esparbé) as a result of a message in the wrong telephone box.

Fans are already speculating about the possibility of a Smiley Season 2, even though Smiley Season 1 was only recently released on Netflix. Here’s what we do know.

Will ‘Smiley’ Have a Season 2?

Smiley has not yet received a Season 2 renewal from Netflix at the time of writing.

The first season begins when Alex, a bartender with a neat demeanor and S*x in the City Steve vibes, texts his most recent one-night fling, Lolo, the next day with a smiling face.

Smiley season 2
Smiley season 2

Who would have thought that Alex, a certified hot bartender, would still face rejections? Alex doesn’t just ignore Lolo’s silence; instead, he leaves an angry voicemail.

However, in the most embarrassing situations, Alex contacts the wrong number and leaves the relevant message on Bruno’s phone. And so begins Smiley’s won’t they-they story!

What is Smiley season 1 about?

Alex is a handsome bartender with ideal looks and an enviable gym physique. When he sends Lolo, his most recent one night stand, a smiling face emoji in the morning, desperate for more than just an affair, the lack of response causes him to explode in a rage.

Alex informs Lolo about all of this in a voicemail and lets him know how he really feels. It’s not Lolo’s phone though. He dialed the wrong number. The phone in question is Bruno, a hopeless romantic. He and Alex instantly hit it off over the phone and they decide to go on a blind date. He spends much of his time watching rom-coms and is looking for “the one.”

Of course, nothing goes as expected, and it soon becomes clear that the cosmos is working against these two. The drama does a fantastic job of expressing their mixed feelings throughout its eight episodes, from forbidden kisses and misunderstandings galore to both characters being swept up in independent romances.

Will Bruno and Alex Ever Get Together in ‘Smiley’ Season 1?

If Bruno and Alex are together and comfortable, there wouldn’t be much to do in Smiley Season 2. Ultimately, healthy relationships don’t make for compelling streaming entertainment!

So Bruno and Alex end up together in Season 1 of Smiley? Since there were eight episodes in the season, something had to be done.

Alex notices Ramon (Ramon Pujol) kissing Bruno in a classic form of “Maybe if they had just communicated, they would have been together sooner.” Alex didn’t know that Ramon was the only one involved in the kiss.

He chooses Ibra (Cedrick Mugisha), who is perfectly polite and nevertheless treats him well, as his partner (but you know Alex still has Bruno in his head). While Bruno is dating Ramon, he feels the same way about Alex, who is never far from his thoughts.

Bruno and Alex are Smiley’s real heroes because they can’t let go of their feelings for each other, even though Ibra and Ramon are quite nice in their respective relationships.

After Season 1 of Smiley, they get back together. However, since this is a Netflix program, it is not a given that they will live happily ever after. Hopefully Smiley Season 2 will give us more opportunities to see Alex and Bruno. In the meantime, you can watch Smiley season 1 on Netflix.

Last lines

The second season of Smiley has not yet been picked up at the time of writing this article. If the show does well for Netflix, that could change given the nature of the content. Stay up to date with all the latest news from our website