Bang Si-hyuk Donated $3.50 Million to Korea Community Fund to Help Poor Teens

Bang Si-hyuk, the chairman of HYBE, has contributed KRW 5 billion (about $3.50 million) to the Community Chest of Korea to help needy youth. HYBE’s CEO, Bang, became the 13th donor to receive a personal gift by contributing a significant amount, according to a news report released by the Community Chest of Korea. If the contribution amount exceeds KRW 1.00 billion (approximately $702,000 USD), the donation is considered customization. The fund is then customized to the contributor’s preferences, mimicking a single gift. Bang Si altruistic hyuk’s motivation for donating a lot of money is to help teenagers and children who do not go to school or are in a care facility where they can be prejudiced. Using various support systems, the record executive wants to build a system that will allow needy children to lead normal lives.

Netizens appreciate Bang Si-kind hyuk’s contribution.

Bang Si-hyuk, the man behind BIGHIT Entertainment (formerly HYBE Labels) and the world-famous boy band BTS, has been praised online by K-netizens for his thoughtful gesture and the message behind it. Bang, also known as Hitman Bang, attended the event, which was held at the Community Chest of Korea headquarters in downtown Seoul, and shared the following:

“I have made progress as a composer and entrepreneur thanks to the help and support of many individuals. I have found that the help I have received is excellent for human development. I chose to give this as a gift because I want to give back to society for what I have been given.”

Bang Si-hyuk

He continued:

“During this process, I have reflected on what it takes to help young people develop into individuals capable of leading our society. This gift was made with the aim of raising money so that young people in dire need can follow their aspirations with confidence.”

Online, K-pop fans and netizens thank Bang, and some are even surprised by the hefty amount. “That’s a lot for the number of contributors in the entertainment industry,” one person wrote, while another added, “Let’s congratulate him on his job well done.”

Bang Si-hyuk

Bang has considerable musical acumen as a result of his work as a producer and songwriter. Bang Si-hyuk resigned as CEO on July 1, 2021 to continue his music producing business. He also caused a stir when Forbes Asia named him the entertainment industry’s only billionaire. In other news, HYBE Label boy band BTS has started planning their big concert, Yet To Come, in Busan on Saturday, October 15, 2022. The mega concert is completely free to attend and can be viewed online.