All about the wife of Charlemagne – Jessica Gadsden

Who is Jessica Gadsden?

Jessica Gadsden was born on November 29, 1981 in South Carolina, USA. She is a fitness coach, personal trainer and gym consultant, but perhaps best known as the wife of media personality Lenard Larry McKelvey. Her husband rose to fame on radio under the name Charlamagne Tha God and was one of the co-hosts of the radio program “The Breakfast Club”.

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The Wealth of Jessica Gadsden

As of early 2020, Jessica Gadsden has a net worth estimated to be over $1 million earned through a successful career in the fitness industry. She is also likely benefiting from her husband’s success as Charlamagne is known to have a net worth estimated at over $10 million.

Early life and education

Jessica grew up in South Carolina, and while little is known about her family, it is known that she met Charlamagne in high school. At that time he had a bit of a criminal streak, he started selling drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, and was arrested twice for drug possession, for which he was bailed out by his father. However, his third arrest came when he was caught after witnessing a shooting while doing a drug deal. His father refused to post his bail, so his mother helped him, after which he promised to leave the criminal activities and find a straight path.

Jessica and Charlamagne began their romance in high school, though she chose to continue her education while he pursued radio work. She enrolled at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, where she completed a degree in journalism and mass communication, and continued by attending Bergen Community College to earn a degree in biology. She completed her degree and then went for postgraduate study and enrolled at Webster University in Missouri to earn an MBA.

Career in fitness

Although Gadsden was very involved in academia, she also pursued other interests, mainly in fitness.

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She went to the gym regularly, became interested in the many facets of fitness, and began taking jobs at gyms and athletic clubs in her area, including Core Fire Pilates, New York Blood Services, and the East Shore Athletic Club.

After several years of experience and knowledge of business through her studies, she started her own gym, meanwhile working as a personal trainer and instructor, setting up a location for business while also operating as a private coach. She trained her students in bodybuilding, weightlifting and gymnastics, using her knowledge of biology to help with her extensive experience.

She promoted her work online, but her husband’s increasing fame later led her to opt for more privacy. She now works more like a private instructor, working one-on-one with students.

Husband – Charlamagne tha god

After spending 41 days in prison, Charles the Great began taking classes at night school, while working as a radio intern during the day. He did well with his new career path, coming in second to host Wendy Williams. Its adopted radio name is based on King Charlemagne, who is known for conquering Western Europe and establishing the Carolingian Empire. It was also a play about his drug dealer pseudonym Charles. He then added Tha God because he thought it was a cool addition.

Charlemagne the God

Over the years, he gained a reputation for his candid and unorthodox interviews with hip-hop artists. While this has proved amusing and helped elevate “The Breakfast Club”, it inevitably led to conflict with its many guests. This soon got him fired, and he remained quiet for a few years, until he returned to radio in 2010 in a new “The Breakfast Club” broadcast on WWPR-FM alongside Angela Yee and DJ Envy. He has also worked in television, appearing on the MTV2 show “Guy Code”. In addition to his media work, he has authored two books namely ‘Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It’ and ‘Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me’.

A controversial husband

Charlamagne is known to tick off many of the guests at “The Breakfast Club” during his career, earning him the nickname the Howard Stern of hip-hop. He has been involved in numerous feuds, many of which went viral when aired on his radio show. He tapped rapper Birdman who walked out of the show just two minutes into the interview, making it the shortest in the history of “The Breakfast Club,” an event that has been turned into a meme. He also criticized Lil’ Mama during an interview for her cockiness, suggesting she hadn’t done enough to engage in that kind of behavior yet. Tensions eventually eased, leading to a more stable chat.

Another artist who became angry with him during an interview was Freddo Starr, after Charlamagne brought up how he allegedly had oral sex with singer Brandy Norwood. Freddo was only calmed down by Sticky Fingaz, who is a member of the same hip-hop group Onyx. In 2017, Charlamagne drew the ire of many transgender activists after stating on air that trans women should disclose their status as men have a right to know. However, the way he worded his statement came across as disrespectful.

Questionable decisions

Although Jessica and Charlamagne have been together for most of their lives, some unusual events have happened between them.

The two have admitted to having affairs while still together, before they got married, and it may have been a way of dating other people, leading many to believe it was consensual. The two have been faithful to each other since their marriage.

Charlamagne also sparked controversy when he spoke of the first time he had sex with his wife when they were teenagers. She was drunk at the time and he believed their interaction may have been considered rape. The story sparked much anger, though Gadsden later defended him, saying everything they did was consensual, even if she had been drunk. She also disliked the fact that he used the word rape to describe their meeting.