VentureBeat Lab launches in-depth AI article series featuring insights from Microsoft and Nvidia

We are excited to share that Microsoft and Nvidia teamed up with VB Lab to launch an in-depth series of articles and brand stories on the state of enterprise AI. The nine-part series, along with two VentureBeat Special Issues, will deliver new industry insights, trends and analysis to VB’s audience of senior business and IT decision makers.

“VB Lab is pleased to showcase compelling insights and analysis from two leading artificial intelligence companies, Microsoft and Nvidia,” said Gina Joseph, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships at VentureBeat, and co-founder from VB Lab. “We look forward to sharing their expertise with our global audience of business IT decision makers on the VentureBeat platform.”

The first pieces will focus on a range of topics related to the challenges faced by AI and business leaders, including:

  • Faster, more confident AI deployments and innovation: Less than an estimated 20% of AI pilots make it to production. We explore the main obstacles in implementing AI solutions and how to overcome current challenges without burning investment or inhibiting innovation.
  • How large language models broaden the horizons of AI:Large Language Models (LLMs) represent a major advancement in AI and have grown 10x per year in recent years. As these models grow in complexity and size, so do their capabilities to advance applications such as language translation, chatbots, document summarization, and article completion, enabling a wide range of industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, and finance. service is transformed.
  • Optimizing cloud in uncertain times: Cloud plays a key role along with AI and purpose-built architecture to help customers navigate economic uncertainty and sustainability while improving efficiency and accelerating innovation.
  • How infrastructure helps CIOs unify enterprise AI: Full-stack, purpose-built cloud infrastructure for AI enables CIOs to accelerate innovation and time-to-production value across the business, while balancing AI spend and management by “shadow IT” organizations.

Today’s global challenges require transformative solutions such as artificial intelligence. Microsoft’s vision is to help any organization, in any industry, turn meaningful AI innovation into actionable results. By pooling their deep technical knowledge and expertise with Nvidia, the companies provide business decision makers with insight into how AI is evolving and how they can benefit from its revolutionary power.

Education is an essential part of the AI ​​ecosystem. While AI is rapidly evolving and accelerating industry adoption, its impact on bottom line varies. By exploring recent breakthroughs in this area, this series of articles will be fundamental to helping business decision makers gain the insights needed to drive ROI on their AI investments.