The Apple TV HD is no longer available in the Apple Store

In 2022, the HD didn’t make much sense; from last year it came with Apple’s new remote, which was nice, but it was $149 and used Apple’s A8 processor from the iPhone 6. Meanwhile, the new Apple TV 4K starts at $129, has the much newer A15, dual storage, and of course supports much higher resolution content (not to mention HDR). The HD might have made some (but not much) sense in a world where the 4K started at $179 like the 2021 model did, but it wouldn’t have been a good buy after today.

I can imagine some people would argue that Apple should keep the HD as an ultra budget option – especially considering that Google just introduced a $30 Chromecast HD, which it sees as a cheaper alternative to its 4K Chromecast with Google TV puck. And while I’d like to see an Apple TV under $100, I don’t think that would’ve been a good idea because of the old chip that powered the HD. Apple dropped support for A10 devices running iOS 16, so imagine if tvOS engineers still had to support a chip that was two generations older.

That said, if you For real if you want an Apple TV HD, you can still get it from places like BRA, Best Buy, Targetand walmart. (It’s currently on sale for $99 at the last store.) But after nearly seven years of operation, it’s probably time to retire it.