How to find your Apple Music Replay

I’m a dedicated Apple Music user, and you’ll pry the service out of my cold, dead hands. Still, this past December I’ve been incredibly jealous of the sea of ​​Spotify rewinds that populated my friends’ social media profiles.

Of course, Apple has always had that ways to see your most played songs over a period of time. But it’s never had anything as comprehensive or interesting as what Spotify puts out – at least until this year.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Replay, Apple Music’s new answer to Spotify Wrapped, is much the same as its long-standing competitor. Still, it shows you the basics – your top artists, your top songs, that sort of thing.

Here’s how to get it up and running.

You should be able to do this from the Apple Music iOS app. To do that:

Unfortunately this has failed every time I’ve tried. But who knows – maybe you’ll have better luck.

What has worked for me going straight from my browser:

There is currently no way to export and share the full report can share your Replay playlist from the Listen Now section of the Apple Music app (like any other playlist). That’s another item for my Christmas list.