Bethesda Lets People Save Their Elder Scrolls Online Games From Stadia

If you played The Elder Scrolls Online using Google’s now doomed Stadia cloud gaming service, I have good news. Bethesda is doing well his promise to let people transfer their ESO accounts to Windows and Mac, including all their progress, characters, purchased content, achievements and inventory items.

According to multiple members of the Stadia subreddit, the company has sent emails to players with instructions on how to use the game on their computers, which basically means you’ll need to log into the Elder Scrolls Online site and download the game. The company also has posted the information on its website. The only downside is that you can’t transfer your account to the PlayStation or Xbox version of the game, according to Android Central.

Bethesda isn’t the only company trying to get Stadia users out of the mess Google left them in. Ubisoft has said you can transfer your purchases from the platform to PC. You will also be able to save yourself Cyberpunk 2077 save the file from Stadia, provided you do so before it closes on January 18.