Google Holographic Video Chat Booth, Project Starline, Makes Its Way To The Real World •

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We’re getting more and more excited about Disrupt, but it turns out there’s other things going on in the world. Lots of other things, in fact; it is one of those days when it was extra difficult to keep this newsletter organized. This is what we came up with. Enjoying! — Christine and hi

The Top 3

  • You, only holographic: Don’t mind the metaverse, Google plans to test its 3D video calling booths in the real world, Sarah writes. Called Project Starline, the booths use a bunch of cameras, sensors, and 3D visuals to create a lifelike calling experience without that pesky headset.
  • Can I get a scoop?: manish received confirmation that decentralized exchange company Uniswap Labs has raised $165 million in funding to value the company at $1.66 billion. This is a follow-up to his scoop from last month.
  • Tweet tweet: Catherine reported on Redbird’s $7.6 million raise that will soar the operating system for analytics as it can make data even more accessible to non-technical users.

Startups and VC

Any robotic system worth its salt has the potential to drive change, but some of the most exciting robotics breakthroughs are currently taking place in exoskeleton space. Brian reports. A team from Stanford’s Biomechatronics Laboratory has just published the results of years of research. The scope of the robot boat’s field tests has so far been limited to treadmills. However, the researchers behind it are preparing it for life outside the lab doors.

There is a new venture capital fund in town – at least if you live in Paris, Romain jokes. Meet Resonance, a new $150 million single LP fund backed by Otium Capital, the family office of Pierre-Edouard Stérin.

Lots of great news on the site today, but here are five that caught our eye:

6 Tips for Starting a Blockchain Startup

It will take much more than a downturn in public markets, record inflation and global instability to come between the blockchain founders and their dreams.

Unfortunately, “having a solid roadmap, real-world use cases and a war chest is only a small part of a blockchain startup’s survival strategy,” advises Wolfgang Rückerl, co-founder and CEO of Istari Vision and Entity.

While it’s true that many of the skills needed to launch an early-stage startup also apply to web3 companies, “the road to success in the blockchain industry is paved differently,” he writes. .

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Big Tech Inc.

Apple Card holders get a side of Goldman Sachs as the two pair up to unveil a high-yield savings account, Sarah reported. She writes that this is “a big step” by both the consumer technology giant and the investment bank to offer more traditional banking-like services to customers.

Do you want thingamabobs? I have five for you: