Three strategies for business leaders to improve focus

Serial Entrepreneur | Chairman of the Board of Directors, scan | Co-founder, Moment | Senator, G20 summit. getty Attention is fundamental to our performance. However, according to several indicators, the attention is in steady decline. It would be easy to simply blame the obvious 24/7 intrusion of mobile platforms into our daily lives. After all, … Read more

Navigating leadership challenges in a rapidly changing world

Survival getty In the dynamic business landscape of 2024, the roles of leaders and founders have evolved significantly. Running a business is more than just managing teams or bottom-line growth. Leaders must demonstrate adaptability, resilience and an empathetic understanding of their teams while maintaining mental and emotional health. Their responsibility to their mission, vision and … Read more

Elon Musk’s best idea for stopping spam bots is to charge you for additional Twitter DMs

Twitter will “soon” introduce daily limits on the number of direct messages unauthenticated accounts can send “in an effort to reduce spam,” the company announced Friday through his Twitter Support account. In other words, to send unlimited DMs, you need to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription. In its tweet, Twitter did not specify what … Read more

Choosing the perfect type for your business… and you

Marc Andreessen – One kind of VC. (Photo by Paul Chinn/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images) … [+] San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images About 20 VCs would earn approx 95% of VC profits. Choose the right one and your chances of success are higher. Choose the wrong one and your venture could be … Read more

Reddit is taking over one of the largest protest subreddits

Reddit now controls r/malefashionadvice, which for a while was the largest subreddit still closed in protest of the platform’s pricing changes on the API. The subreddit is now open, meaning Reddit users can once again browse content in the community, albeit in a restricted mode, meaning only certain users can post new posts. As we … Read more