Will Netflix release season 2 of The Recruit? Learn more about a possible sequel

The streaming comedy-drama stars Noah Centineo as an underdog spy. The Recruit, in which Noah Centineo plays a CIA lawyer who unexpectedly finds himself on the front linehas fans on the edge of their seats as the actor transitions from rom-coms to full-on action.

Young Owen Hendricks (Centineo) enters the agency expecting his career to be easier, but soon discovers that his new field offers no real desk positions. It’s a trial by fire as he deals with a problematic asset gone rogue and lives his life in his early twenties while avoiding the typical difficulties of starting a new profession.

Fans of Alexi Hawley’s previous work on hit crime dramas Castle and The Rookie can expect a successful run for his latest Netflix series, The Recruit. Here’s what’s currently known about a possible season 2 of The Recruit

The Recruit Will there be a season 2?

Netflix has not yet announced whether The Recruit has been canceled or renewed for a second seasonbut the streaming service will keep a close eye on viewership in the coming weeks.

It seems likely that The Recruit was designed to run for multiple seasons (as opposed to a limited series). There is scope to further develop the premise based on previous work by Hawley. We will update this page as new details about the future of The Recruit become available.

The recruit season 2
The recruit season 2

Who might be returning for a possible The Recruit Season 2?

Since Noah Centineo has established himself as a Netflix talent since his debut appearance in the To All The Boys trilogy, he would likely lead the ensemble again if The Recruit returned for a second season. Co-stars Aarti Mann (Never have I ever), Colton Dunn (Superstore) and Fivel Stewart (Atypical) could back him up again, supporting the program’s humorous edge.

Vondie Curtis-Hall from Daredevil, Kaylah Zander from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Kristian Brown from Orphan Black and Laura Haddock from White Lines were all among the cast of The Recruit’s top performers in Season 1.

What can happen if the recruit returns?

Owen Hendricks would probably be sent on another dangerous mission if The Recruit made a season 2 comeback, although this time he would be a little better prepared. While not one of the organization’s most talented operatives, the character went on a journey in Season 1 and developed some survival skills that could come in handy the next time he’s in danger.

There are also certain unfinished storylines from the first batch of episodes that viewers will want to see developed or fully dealt with, so if there’s a second season, count on those being worked into the story.

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We will update this page as new images are released. The Recruit is available to stream on Netflix. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit Leedaily.com to see what’s on.