Will Morgan Myles or Bodie win the Voice season 22 finale?

The Voice’s season 22 finale kicked off tonight, with five contestants left to compete for America’s votes. Everyone from Bodie and Morgan Myles to Brayden Lape and Bryce Leatherwood to Omar Jose Cardona got their moment in the spotlight, but who really stood out?

We’ll say Morgan did most of the work on the first run. During her performance of “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” she exhausted herself with all the dancing and spinning she did. That’s not a tune anyone should have much success singing, but she nailed it.

While Bodie has the attitude and swagger, she’s made a legitimate claim to the title in the most recent episodes. She is at a disadvantage because she is not on Blake Shelton’s team; he has a much better record when it comes to winning this match.

Will Morgan Myles or Bodie win the season 22 finale of The Voice
Will Morgan Myles or Bodie win the season 22 finale of The Voice

For most of the night, we felt like we were seeing a battle between Bodie’s creativity and Morgan’s commanding vocals. No doubt Brayden and Bryce will each gain a significant following, but their respective performances were missing something. Instead of getting out and doing his own thing, Omar seemed to try an imitation in his first issue.

Despite our interpretation of the evening…

Looks like Bryce, Morgan and Bodie are all in a three horse race. For the season as a whole, we would give Bodie a nod, but tonight Morgan did the best job and laid it all out. It takes a lot to get so excited about a country singer, but it was impossible to ignore the obvious effort she put into every aspect of her performance.

The Voice Season 22 Finale Part 1 Recap

Part 1 of the season 22 finale of The Voice aired on Monday night. Team Gwen Stefani’s elimination last week saw Team Blake Shelton’s Bryce Leatherwood, Bodie and Brayden Lape, Team Camila Cabello’s Morgan Myles and Team John Legend’s Omar Jose Cardona battle it out for the winner’s trophy.

The top five contestants performed both slow and fast covers to win over the audience and judges. Here’s a rundown of how things have gone so far in the performances.

Team Blake

To kick off the event, Bodie performed a cover of Harry Styles’ ‘Late Night Talking’. His goal as a producer was to get the audience dancing. The performance started slowly and sensually before the singer picked up the tempo for a disco version of the song.

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