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Who is Richard Mol?

Richard Mole is a talented American actor, perhaps best known for his role as Bull from ‘Night Court’. He is also distinguished by his unique deep voice, which has helped him land various voice roles in video games and movies.

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Richard Moll Age, early life, family and educational background

Richard used to be Born under the Capricorn zodiac sign on January 13, 1943 in Pasadena, California, USA, to parents Violet Anita Grill and Harry Findley Moll, turning 77 years old in 2020. His father was a well-known city lawyer, while his mother worked as a nurse. He is of American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Richard had an extraordinary growth rate during his childhood. While an average 12-year-old boy would stand at six feet, Richard was already six feet at that age. It is not clear whether he has any siblings or was an only child as he did not share such information online.

As for his education, after graduating from high school, Richard joined and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in history and psychology. While in college, he was a member of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity.

Richard Moll Career Beginnings and Rise to Fame

After graduating in 1964, Richard worked as a deputy probation officer in Alameda County, but that only lasted ten months. He then worked in women’s stockings as the head of stock at a store in San Francisco—according to him, he thought he was in the wrong place.

In 1968 Richard moved to Hollywood, intending to make it big in the movie industry, but what followed was a decade of quitting and starting. While trying to make ends meet, he took odd jobs and occasional commercial roles, including playing a cannibal in the mid-1970s Hertz commercial featuring “Get Smart’s” Don Adams.

Richard Mole

Richard’s acting career began in 1977, when he landed the role of Joseph Smith in the movie “Brigham,” and later a supporting role in the Emmy Award-winning TV movie “The Jericho Mile,” co-starring Richard Lawson, Peter Strauss, and Roger E. mosley .

He continued to work in small roles in several films, including the adventure film “The Sword and the Sorcerer”, before finally having his breakthrough. In 1984, Moll was chosen for one of his notable roles, as Aristotle Nostradamus “Bull” Shannon to appear in the television comedy series “Night Court”.

The series ran from 1984 to 1992; when asked in 2013 if he would like to have a reunion with the cast and record a new season of the show, his answer was a stern “no.” He was quoted saying, “For God’s sake I wouldn’t do a reunion.”

Richard enjoyed his success while this series lasted, and it led to more notable roles. Richard was at his peak in the 80s and 90s with various roles such as in “Getting By” as Boo, “Sidekicks” as Horn and as Dementor in the movie “Jingle All the Way” among other roles, all leading to to his fame.

Other films he starred in during this period included “Out of this World,” “Loaded Weapon 1,” “Martin,” “Babylon 5,” “Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” and “Dr. Quinn medicine woman.”

Although Richard appeared on screen in several films, the one he left his mark on was the television series “Night Court”, but as of 2000, he has starred in more than 40 television series and movies. However, none of those roles were remarkable in any way, as they were all minor roles in B production movies. They include “Scary Movie 2”, “Cold Case”, “Smallville”, “Nightmare Man”, a horror comedy, “Love at First Hiccup”, a comedy film, “Sorority Party Massacre”, a horror comedy, “Anger Management” and ‘Slay Belles’, his most recent horror film appearance in 2018.

Voice acting by Richard Moll

Mol has has contributed as a voice actor to numerous animated films and video games, including “Mighty Max,” in which he played Norman. However, his best voice roles are Dent in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, Harvey in ‘Two-Face’ and the Scorpion in ‘Spider-Man: The Animated Series’. The first and third films ran on FOX between the early and mid-1990s. Richard has also lent his voice to several video games, including “The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction” and “Fallout.”

Richard Moll Personal life, wife and children

Moll met and fell in love with Laura Class in 1988, and the couple tied the knot the same year.

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However, their love story was short-lived when they divorced in 1992 after just four years. Shortly after, Richard met another damsel, Khrystyne Haje, but the relationship never came to marriage and they broke up the same year.

He then dated Susan Brown for a year, was introduced to her by her stepfather, the late Milton Berle, a comedian, and the couple married in 1993. They were blessed with two children, Chloe born in 1995 and Mason in 1996; the marriage lasted 12 years, but in 2005 the couple broke up and divorced.

Richard is also a stepfather to Cassandra and Morgan. Richard loved his father-in-law, who passed away in March 2002. He says, ‘I loved Milton and I miss him more than I realized.’ After his divorce, there is no information that Richard will enter into a new relationship.

Moll lives in Los Angeles. He is an avid antiques collector and his main goal is to keep improving his craft.

Richard Moll Net worth

After working in the acting industry for such a long time, Richard has amassed a fair amount of wealth. According to reputable sources, its ability is estimated to be as high as $5 million as of 2020.