Who is Sikiru Alagbada from Season 3 of “Love Is Blind”?

One of ten Dallas residents who met his girlfriend on Love Is Blind, 34-year-old SK Alagbada, is currently studying for an MBA at the University of California. He grew up in a “close-knit” polygamous household and graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree in Physical Science. He has worked as a consultant for companies such as CGI, GM and JPMorgan Chase & Co. During his time in the Love Is Blind pods, SK developed feelings for Pilates teacher Raven. He informed her about his polygamous family. He also expressed interest in an equal partnership marriage. He explained to Raven,

‘I get closer to you every day. I have always looked for something very consciously in a woman, and I must say that I have not found it in any other lady except you.”

He then proposed to Raven, who accepted, but she was seen in episode 4 with Bartise. Fans of Love is Blind believed that Raven was not attracted to SK and would eventually leave him at the altar.

Sikiru Alagbada

Love is Blind fans don’t believe Raven is serious.

Raven was spotted building a close relationship with Bartise before breaking up for jumping as Bartise told her a personal story about his parents’ divorce. Raven’s first meeting with SK was awkward because she said “hello” and hugged him instead of jumping into each other’s arms like other couples.

She then taught SK Pilates during their honeymoon. Fans of Love is Blind felt bad for SK, saying Raven was only concerned about her Pilates regimen. Raven, they feared, was not ready for action and would break SK’s heart.

What happened in the first four episodes of Love is Blind season 4?

Colleen noticed that she grew closer to Brennon, but after only a few dates, he decided to call it quits. Brennon got closer to Alexa and the two eventually got engaged. Colleen grieved in front of the other females and decided to try again with love. She said she didn’t want anything “too serious.” Cole, on the other hand, longed for a “deep marriage” and eventually divorced her. He then became more serious with Zanab, who told him she prayed for him. Cole proposed to her and she said yes.

Sikiru Alagbada

Colleen is sad again. She decided to approach Matt, who said he liked aggressive women. He tried to shed some light on Colleen’s circumstances. She was worried, but she told Matt she was ready to move on. Colleen was overcome with emotion when Matt introduced her. During her stay in the pods, Nancy became attached to two males. She eventually decided Bartise was the male equivalent of herself and turned down Andrew’s proposal. Netflix will release the next three episodes of Love is Blind on October 26, 2022 at 3 p.m. ET. Episodes 8-10 will be available on Netflix on November 2, 2022, with the conclusion and reunion on November 9, 2022.