Who is Lucas Coly? Everything you need to know about him

Who is Lucas Coly?

Lucas Coly is an American-French musician, rapper and songwriter, who rose to fame for his YouTube videos incorporating his music. He was a member of the rap group Diamondz along with Willie Fryson III and Dillyn Troy, but has also released music of his own, including the mixtape “I Keep Pushing Vol 1”.

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Lucas Coly Wiki: age, childhood and education

Luke Colly was born on June 8, 1997 in France and is of Senegalese and French descent. He spent his first six years in France, but then the whole family moved to Michigan, USA, where he spent the next two years before his parents moved to Texas.


His brother was born two years later and is therefore about ten years younger than Lucas. He attended school in Detroit while living with his maternal grandparents, and although he struggled with his education, he eventually managed to enroll. He then returned to his parents who lived in San Francisco, California.

Career start

Lucas was interested in music from an early age and started making short videos where he lip synced popular songs and performed some of his own creations and started uploading those videos to the Vine app.

The number of his followers started to increase as he was rapping in French and English which brought more attention to his page. He was not very active in 2013, with only a few videos, but in 2014 he made more regular uploads which made him more popular.

Rise to fame

Lucas continued to make new videos while working on his music; he teamed up with other young musicians-to-be including Willie Fryson III and Dillyn Troy to form the rap group Diamondz. However, this did not last long as all three went their separate ways.

Luke Colly

After this he was half of the duo Lucas & Nonso, but this also did not last long, as he started to focus more on his own music. Once Vine closed, he moved to YouTube, which gave him more exposure – his first video was uploaded in 2014, titled “Lucas Coly – Live It How You Get It” (2013), which has now received almost 60,000 views. He kept uploading new music and has many of his songs online which made him very popular.

In addition, Lucas started making funny videos and also started depicting some events from his personal life, which attracted more people.

He now has more than 400,000 subscribers on his official YouTube channel, while his videos have been viewed more than 65 million times. Some of his most popular videos are “Lucas Coly – I Just Wanna” which has more than 14 million views, then “Lucas Coly – Break Ya Back” (over 8.2 million times), “Lucas Coly – My Lil Shawty” (6.6 million views), and “Lucas Coly – Numb,” which has just under four million views, among other music and fun videos that Lucas has made available to the public.

Music releases

After the breakup of the duo Lucas & Nanso, he made music on his own and in 2016 he released his debut mixtape “Prince of France”, with 20 original songs. He also released the music video for the song “I Just Wanna”, which is his most popular video on YouTube. With the success of his debut mixtape, Lucas produced his second in 2017 titled “I Keep Pushing Vol. 1”, and most recently his third mixtape – “Distant Melodies” – was released on January 6, 2020.

Lucas Coly Net Worth, Height, Weight, Appearance

Lucas has shown his musical talents and been met with success all over the world, adding to his wealth. According to sources, Lucas Coly’s net worth is estimated at $400,000 as of early 2020 while her annual income is reported to be around $70,000.

Lucas Coly is known for his height, he stands at 6ft 1in (1.85m), while weighing around 154lbs ~ 70kgs, and has a slim figure. Luke has brown eyes and black hair.


Lucas Coly Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single?

Lucas is well known to the women of music and show business at large, and has been involved in several high-profile relationships since entering the industry. The main one was with Instagram star Amber H – the two met via Instagram in 2015 and later met in real life, and have been inseparable ever since. They have often posted photos and videos of themselves together on Instagram. Amber is a YouTube and Instagram star and tends to upload makeup tutorial videos, but she’s dabbled in music as well.

Lucas Coly News, facts, influence

Lucas has continued to create new music and all of his releases are available online, mostly through YouTube, but also through Deezer and other online music platforms.

In addition to YouTube, Lucas has quite a fan base on Instagram, which he also uses to promote music. However, he has also shared details of his personal life, often sharing photos and videos with his girlfriend, Amber H.

If it’s not Bout hunnits I’m gone da Way 💵

Posted by Luke Colly On Thursday December 19, 2019

In 2017, Lucas was in trouble with the law when he was arrested and charged with disruptive behavior after organizing a meeting at Lennox Mall where fans crowded the place and started an altercation. Lucas was detained, but after an hour at the police station he was released, but with a warning to stay away from the Lennox Mall for the next two years. After the incident ended, he said he would provide better conditions for the public the next time he organizes a public gathering.