Who is Arica Angelo from “Love Without Borders”?

Love without Boundaries is a fresh new reality TV dating series coming to Bravo in a few days. The program will focus on five single Americans who put everything on hold and uproot their lives in search of true love. The five singletons of Love Without Borders embark on an unknown journey outside the United States. When they come, they will be partnered with their ideal partner, who has been handpicked by relationship specialist Arica Angelo.

But there is a catch. Before arriving at their location, none of the singletons will know anything about their companion. They can’t talk to their companion or even see a picture of what they look like before arriving at the location because the journey is so short in advance. According to her Instagram profile, Arica Angelo is in the top ten relationship therapists. Arica Angelo Intimacy Experience is the CEO and creator of her company. On Bravo’s Love Without Borders she will match singles with their ideal partner.

Arica Angelo of Love Without Borders started offering advice as a young person.

Arica Angelo is from Santa Monica, California, and she has over 6,000 followers on Instagram. She also has about 120,000 YouTube subscribers. She currently lives on the French Riviera. Her work is described in her LinkedIn bio as follows:

“Through intimacy, we help influencers create and nurture their legacy.”

Arica Angelo

Her parents are pastors, and she began offering counseling as a youngster. When her parents were not at home and people asked for guidance, she helped them by giving them the best possible advice, according to her website.

She said on her website,

“They called my parents after I talked to them and they gave me my best advice, saying, ‘Your daughter, even though she’s so young, gave me the best advice!’ On my path of self-healing and working with countless healers, as well as spending more hours than I care to admit to studying self-development and healing… I started creating my own techniques to share this freedom with my new clients.

While the Love Without Borders presenter likes to give humorous and practical advice on her YouTube channel, her coaching is a completely different experience.

Arica Angelo

She added on her website,

“Most of the time I focus on inner healing and deep personal development in the lives of my clients. My clients may come in with questions like, “How should I address women?” or “Help, my relationship is falling apart,” but my wish for them is to see them grow stronger and be restored to the persons they were meant to be.

From 2015 to 2016, Arica worked in business development at Zabinet before becoming a relationship coach. Her Instagram account features videos where she gives relationship advice on various issues.