What happened to Jason Hawk’s (Mountain Men) face? Wiki Bio

Jason Hawk is an American blacksmith and television personality born in 1963 in Ozark Mountains, Arkansas, USA. He is known for his appearance on the reality series “Mountain Men”.

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early life

There is not much information about Jason’s parents or possible siblings. However, he is known to be of Native American descent and moved to Colorado with his family in his youth.

Jason was always interested in natural environments and learned to survive in remote places at a young age. His strong sense of independence also led him to obtain a hunting license at the age of 15.

Information about Jason’s education has not been disclosed, although it is known that he moved to Montana in 1978 after his high school admission, where he enrolled at Montana State University to study swinging and metal fabrication.

Wilderness Adventure

Jason Hawk moved back to Montana some time after graduating to work in a restaurant. However, he soon discovered that he was not suited for life in a city and moved to the Sonoran desert in Arizona, where he built a small cabin.

Seeking a more peaceful life, Jason and his family moved back to his hometown of Arkansas in 2016, where they made their home in the Ozark Mountains.

His life philosophy of living in harmony with natural environments served his purposes, allowing him to provide for his family through hunting, farming and craftsmanship.



In 1999, Jason Hawk firmly established himself as a knife maker when he founded Jason Hawk knivesshop where he promotes and sells his creations as a blacksmith.

His online store is frequented by local and international customers interested in his homemade creations, which combine modern techniques with traditional designs: forest alchemy and a touch of mountain ingenuity’.

Jason Hawk

Although Jason pays special attention to design, his main focus during the manufacturing process is to ensure that his knives can achieve their functional purpose.

In his compromise to respect his natural environment and create a sustainable business, he refuses to use oil derivatives as fuel and instead uses naturally harvested charcoal for that purpose. Marketing through his personal Instagram account has allowed him to easily reach international clients, which is also a big part of his success as a blacksmith.

No man’s land

Jason Hawk’s unusual lifestyle caught the attention of History Channel producers in 2014, who thought his way of life would catch the eye of the public.

The original idea of ​​the network was to include Jason in the second season of the reality series “Mountain Men”. However, they changed their mind and instead decided to create a new show titled “No Man’s Land”.

Jason and his family – who lived on a small farm in Arizona at the time – were featured in the series, along with survival experts such as Charlie Acuna, Howdy Fowler and Rick Gibson.

Unfortunately, “No Man’s Land” only lasted one season due to low ratings, as Russ McCarroll, History Channel’s Vice President of Development and Programming: “Unfortunately, that show didn’t appeal to the public.”

mountain man

After the end of “No Man’s Land”, Jason was again approached by the History Channel to appear in the fourth season of the critically acclaimed series “Mountain Men”, reality series about various survivors living in remote places without modern amenities such as electricity and running. water.

On his first appearance on the show, Jason and his family can be seen collecting their belongings to move to a ranch in the Ozark Mountains: “Right now we are yearning for a big change. It’s time we left the desert. We have to get out of the desert and back to Arkansas. So I just have to bring my family back to where I come from.”

Fast forward in the series, viewers can see how Hawks successfully settled in a log house in the woods. Despite the lack of modern equipment, Jason and his family were able to successfully settle into their new lives and became recurring cast members of the show, as Jason stated, “that makes it easy.”

Private life

Marriage and children

Jason is married to Mary, although it is known that the couple has been together since 2008, the exact time when the couple tied the knot has not been disclosed. However, they are known to have welcomed two daughters together. The oldest born in 2011 is called River, and the youngest Madeline Rose was born in 2018.

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Jason has an older son named Kamui, although there is little information about his mother’s identity and whether he lives permanently with his father. However, it is known that Kamui “Kai” was born in 2007.

“Kai” appears in “Mountain Men” along with his father, and has expressed his interest in following his father’s steps to become a blacksmith: “I don’t have much experience in blacksmithing yet, but I’m excited to be a blacksmith.” learn and carry on the tradition’.

For Jason, spending time with his son is more about forging stronger bonds between them: ‘We are not trying to recreate tradition; we’re trying to start one.’

Net value

As a result of his work as a blacksmith and his appearances in TV shows, Jason Hawk has an estimated net worth of $400,000.

Physical appearance

Jason Hawk is a man of white ethnicity with blond brown hair and hazel eyes. He is 6 feet (1.8 m) tall and although his current weight is unknown, he is remarkably slender and strong.

What happened to Jason Hawk’s (Mountain Men) face?

Jason Hawk has appeared on the show with a black line on his face, right under his eyes. Fans of the show speculated he got tattooed next a Native American tradition, although other people have noted that Jason’s mark resembled sunglasses, which had been tattooed on his face while he was drunk.

Jason did not mention the real meaning of his marks, although in recent episodes of the series the marks have disappeared from his face.

Interesting facts

While information about Jason’s family is usually undisclosed, it is known that his father died in 2016.

Jason learned the Filipino martial arts under the direction of Christopher Petrilli.

Jason is a certified Master Smith, a rating he received thanks to his master and blacksmith legend Tai Goo.

By the time his second daughter was born, Jason and his family were already part of the “Mountain Men” cast. However, the birth of Madeline Rose was not seen on cameras.