Rico Swave died at age 29

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Rico Swavey passed away on October 13, 2022 at the age of 29 after being involved in an accident a few days earlier. Tobi Bakre and Sandra Alexandra, who both appeared on BB Naija, shared the news on Twitter. Tobi stated:

“That’s how I’ll remember you forever.” My brother, may you rest in peace.”

Sandra also shared her grief at Swavey’s sudden passing in a tweet that read:

“This was not agreed upon, Rico.” #ricoswavey, rest in peace.” Rico

Weak cause of death

Rico Swavey was killed in a car accident on Tuesday, October 11. After the event, he fell into a coma and Nigerian celebrities organized a fundraiser to help him pay for his care. Tobi Bakre revealed that Swavey was on a ventilator while raising money on social media. Swavey’s management also checked the story and even posted a video of the wrecked car. Tobi said on Twitter:

“Please help save Rico. He had a terrible car accident. We must keep him alive and continue to pay his rising medical bills while praying for a miracle from God. We can’t do it alone. Go to ricoswavey.com to make a donation.”

Rico Swaley

Sandra Alexandra announced Swavey’s accident on Twitter, stating on her Instagram Story that he is in serious condition and needs everyone’s financial support and prayers. She went on:

“I also wish I could provide more information about his health, but how can I do that while we’re still waiting for the doctors and God to save this sweet life, or at least Rico to respond? Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated as he is alive and fighting for his life. @ricoswavey official needs our help. #ricoswavey #ricoswaveypray”

Twitter users pay tribute

Rico Swavey has become known in recent years as a participant in Big Brother Naija. However, when his unexpected death was announced, Twitter was flooded with condolences from followers and admirers alike:

Swavey’s relatives survived him. He never spoke about his personal life, and there is no word on whether he was married or dating anyone.

All about Rico Swarey

He was born in 1992 and attended Babcock University, where he studied law. He has seven siblings and excelled at singing and swimming. Swavey did a lot with music before joining Big Brother. He also appeared in a few movies. He recorded the song Afrosantana and participated in the movie Tinsel, as well as in the drama series Life 101.

Rico Swaley

While competing in Huge Brother Naija, he was asked what he would do with a million dollars to which Swavey replied that he would be in a big house catching waves. On January 28, 2018, he entered Big Brother Naija and said that cooking was his way of expressing himself as he prepared the most for the housemates. Rico Swavey was fired from the program after ten weeks and seventy days. After his removal, he admitted that he liked one of the housemates, Ahneeka. He joined the program to help his autistic relative and invest in his music career.