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Hollywood may believe in actors and music stars, but the History Channel has an eye for something completely different: real careers and eccentricity. Rick Dale is one such subject of these shows, which were initially the sole focus of History Channel’s “American Restoration”. Rick and his family, a metal artist and antiques restorer, own and run an antiques restoration shop. Rick worked hard to build a career for himself, from a background that was more in poverty than wealth. Dale has also been part of a metal rock band and is a car enthusiast with a passion for restoring cars and motorcycles.

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Early life and family

Richard James Dale was born on December 13, 1970 in Nevada, USA. Rick has a younger brother named Ron, who he says is high maintenance. Dale’s father was a professional racer, who awakened a passion for vehicles in Rick. Born in Las Vegas, a hotbed for unique items and antiques, it was no surprise that Dale became fascinated with the concept. He came from a poor family and received his first bicycle at age nine, when his father found one in a dumpster. Restoring, repairing and painting that bike sparked his interest in restoration and paved the way for his future career.


No information is available on Dale’s formal education. With no formal training for his job in restoration, the process of becoming an expert in the industry was one of trial and error. He soon succeeded in developing a restoration method where each step of the deconstruction process was meticulously documented, in order to easily identify the task of the reconstruction.


Early ventures

Rick didn’t have the most favorable get started, working as a clerk at the gas station his parents owned. He eventually left for himself and got involved in construction work.

Rick Dale

Determined to build a lasting career for himself, he attempted to open a business, but despite multiple attempts to get his business off the ground, he was unsuccessful and was eventually forced to leave the business.

Antique restoration

About the same time his construction business began to fail, Rick noticed a growing trend in the sale of antique Coke machines. With any luck, Rick had such a machine that only needed a little work to fit the collection. Using the skills he had gained in restoring cars and bicycles with his father, he started working on the machine. When he finished it, he took it to a flea market and sold it for three times as much as it cost him to work on it.

This led to a deluge of other projects, and Rick began traveling far and wide to find items to restore and sell, and he did his best to generate business. He worked this way for ten years from 1983, finding repeat customers and improving his art. After his divorce, however, things got worse for him, he neglected his business and closed the shop. He bought what used to be a stable and converted the stalls into mini-workshops. However, this did not leave him enough space to operate his shop, and most of his work had to be done from home during that time. With the support of his new partner, Kelly Dale, Rick was able to rebuild his business and eventually open a store.

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History channel

“Pawn Stars”

While Rick was never supposed to be part of the “Pawn Stars” cast, he caught their attention when one of the cast members noticed an ad he had placed in the newspaper. They initially approached him to inquire about pawning the advertised item, but Dale brokered a much more lucrative deal.

Dale was able to earn a spot on the show as an expert evaluator, who would educate the pawn shop owners about the origin and value of their items, even restoring them from time to time. Rick started making first apparitions on the show in 2009, and is still a regular feature today. He and his work became so popular that the History Channel offered him his own show.

“American Restoration”

With its success on “Pawn Stars,” the History Channel was eager to launch a spin-off, which they called “American Restoration,” which premiered on October 25, 2010. “American Restorationfocused solely on the work of Rick Dale and the other 11 employees of Rick’s Restorations. While Rick was dubious about the amount of interest the show would generate, he was stunned when they not only finished one season, but went on for another season. The family business consisted of Rick, his son and stepson, daughter, wife and brother Ron.

Rick’s Restorations ran for six seasons, until History Channel abandoned their original plan for the show and completely rearranged and restructured it.

The show featured five restoration shops, none of which were Rick’s Restorations. All the reports and appearances made Dale feel extremely betrayed and released a video urging fans to express their displeasure on the History Channel website. However, the restructured show only lasted an additional season before it aired for the last time on April 1, 2016.

Rick’s restorations today

Today, the restoration shop is still in operation with incredible success. The fame that “American Restoration” brought to the store made it a household name and generated a huge amount of business. In addition to its gift shop and real store that is open to the public, the company also has a online element.

The online store has built on its reality TV reputation, providing a comprehensive and detailed account of Dale’s career. The online store also has a variety of items for sale — from $3 bumper stickers to $9,500 restored Coke machines.

Private life

Rick Dale divorced his first wife in 1993, and while her identity and the cause of the divorce have not been released, the details remain vague. Rick met Kelly very soon after, and he fell for her right away. The feeling wasn’t mutual at first, and Rick recounts a funny meeting they had where he thought they were meeting for a date, and she’d just gathered partygoers for a friend’s singles event.

The second meeting was luckier, Rick got dressed and ready for the occasion, and was relieved to find that she had come alone.

Kelly told Hollywood Mask, “I wasn’t interested in his long hair and I didn’t like the way he dressed,” she said. “When he got in there that night, he looked and smelled so good that I walked up to him and gave him a big hug, then got him drunk.”

The two married in 1994 and have two children – Tyler Dale born September 25, 1993, and Ally Dale Kat, born April 24, 1995. Rick also adopted Kelly’s son, Brettly Dale, from her previous marriage, who also works in the restoration shop. . Rick and Kelly recently became grandparents when Ally gave birth to a boy in July 2020.


Despite his age, Rick Dale remains fit and slim – he looks so different from the conventional dad. His brown hair and soul-patch beard have taken on a more gray hue, but his blue eyes and shoulder tattoos remain as striking as ever. Rick is 1.81 m tall and weighs 75 kg.

Net worth and salary

Rick has come this far from the poverty of his childhood and built a restoration empire on the foundation of his skills and subsequent fame. Even when he had doubts about continuing his business, his wife Kelly encouraged him to pursue his dream and told him she would make the money. Today, in mid-2020, Rick Dale has a net worth estimated at over $2.5 million.