Real reason behind the split between Emma Slater and Sasha Farber

Emma Slater and Sasha Farber were together both on and off stage until recently. The duo, who were regulars of Dancing With The Stars, are out of touch in real life. Her four-year separation from her husband sent shockwaves across the internet, but the couple didn’t make it a problem. Their silence, along with his actions on Instagram, spoke volumes long before their breakup became public.

Emma Slater and her husband Sasha Farber divorced months ago.

Us Weekly was the first to break the news of Slater and Farber’s divorce. They announced their split on August 24 after confirmation from insider sources. However, the news took some time to reach the media.

“They have been separated for several months,” an insider told Us Weekly when the news broke. “They both have not worn their wedding rings and are living separate lives.”

The insider stated that the breakup was a “tough choice” for them, considering they’d been together for so long and shared fur puppies. Despite their breakup and months of separated lifestyles, they hadn’t filed for divorce. Despite their personal issues, they were determined to make it work professionally on DWTS. The breakup rumors have been circulating for some time now. They started when the former couple stopped sharing images of each other on their own Instagram accounts.

Emma Slater

Furthermore, on their wedding anniversary in March 2022, they did not celebrate or discuss anything important. People also saw Farber enjoy Instagram photos of other women, which many took as an indication that their relationship was over. The details of their divorce have yet to be revealed, as well as an official statement from their side. Since they are reality TV stars, they will most likely explain things sooner rather than later.

Wedding of Emma Slater and Sasha Farber

Slater and Farber are no strangers to breakups; in fact, this is their second breakup. The couple, who started dating in 2011, broke up in 2014. Slater said at the time that their connection had transformed them from lovers to best friends. “I will always be his best friend,” she told Glamor at the time. But they weren’t apart for long. In 2016, he introduced her on live television after they performed on DWTS together. Then, two years later, they married. On March 25, 2018, the now-divorced couple married at Bella Blanca in Los Angeles, California. They already had one of their dogs, Ruby, at that time.

Grinch, their second dog, arrived a little later. Despite having fur children and living with Farber for a long time, Slater confessed in July 2021 that she didn’t believe the timing was right for having human children with him. However, she did not rule out getting a new dog.

Emma Slater

Her reluctance was despite her acknowledgment of her approaching age and her ex-husband’s desire to start a family. She said she was very focused on her profession and that she might not think about children for a long time. “There wouldn’t be any problems if he could carry the baby,” she noted during the interview. Sadly, there won’t be any baby news for those who sent the couple in for the foreseeable future. But who knows? Perhaps Slater and her ex-husband will reunite, as they have in the past.