New WhatsApp features include self-messaging, group profile pictures and disappearing messages.

  • Tap the Calls tab
  • Tap Create Conversation Link
  • Select your call type, video or voice.
  • Tap Share Link or Copy Link and send it in WhatsApp or any other app


  • Links expire after 90 days if not used.
  • WhatsApp may revoke links for security and privacy reasons.
  • Only mobile devices are currently supported for WhatsApp call links.

New features for group admins

  • The group admins are now the only ones to notify anyone leaving the group.
  • Group admins now have the option to delete messages from group members if they are considered rude or inappropriate. Anyone can see the person who deleted the message.
  • WhatsApp now allows 512 users in groups, with 1024 users coming soon.

Undo ‘Delete for me’.

Via WhatsApp, people can immediately undo the message ‘Delete for me’. Assuming you selected the “Delete for me” option instead of the “Delete for everyone” option, here’s how to retrieve the deletion for my post:

How it works, check the WhatsApp conversation message you accidentally deleted for yourself. An “Undo” button will be visible. Click the “Undo” option to restore your message.

Digital avatars

People can now use their custom avatars as their WhatsApp profile pictures or select one of 36 unique stickers that represent a wide variety of emotions and actions. Your avatar is a digital representation of yourself that can be created from countless combinations of different facial features, hairstyles and clothing.

The company promised to release aesthetic improvements to avatars over time, such as improved lighting, shading, and hairstyle textures. Adding legs to Meta’s virtual avatars, which are currently unavailable on the Horizon Worlds VR platform, could happen as early as next year.

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Steps to create an avatar

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Avatar > Create your avatar
  3. Follow the steps to create your avatar. (Choose your skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, face shape, outfit, and other features.)
  4. Tap done.

Avatar as profile picture

  1. Go to WhatsApp settings
  2. Tap your profile picture > Edit > Edit
  3. Go to use avatar and tap done

How to delete an avatar

  • Go to your settings
  • Tap avatar > Remove avatar
  • Tap delete.

21 new emojis

Twenty-one new emoticons are being developed by the messaging service WhatsApp, owned by Meta, for a future upgrade of the program. Eight emoticons already included in the beta edition of the messaging app have also undergone a redesign, according to WABetaInfo. Eight emojis have been changed in the most recent beta, accessible through the Play Store, and 21 new emojis will soon be available to all beta testers.

Picture-in-picture mode

Picture-in-picture capability for WhatsApp’s video calls on iOS beta has started rolling out. It allows users to use other programs while on a WhatsApp video call. If the feature is enabled for your account, a picture-in-picture view is displayed while you multitask with other applications. The video call rendering uses official iOS APIs.

So users can disable it temporarily (Application Programming Interface). According to the article, the new capability will be available to more customers in the coming days.

You may need to enable the picture-in-picture feature in the WhatsApp app if it doesn’t work for you.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > WhatsApp > Advanced > Picture-in-picture
  2. Don’t forget to update the WhatsApp application. You could also try clearing the cache.
  3. Tap Settings > Apps & notifications > WhatsApp > Storage & cache > Clear cache.

Business directory

The platform WhatsApp introduced a yellow pages style business directory in five different countries last month. Brazil, the UK, Indonesia, Mexico and Colombia received the position. The company claims that consumers can search directly for companies that can be reached through the service or browse business categories such as travel or banking using the directory.

A number of requirements must be met:

  • Once the feature is made available to the general public, please use the most recent version of WhatsApp listed in the Play Store and App Store.
  • Make sure to include all relevant details in your company profile.
  • Your “Profile Photo Privacy” setting should be set to “everyone”.
  • The user must be in possession of a business license. When the Business Directory is accessible, WhatsApp will provide more details.
  • You can request a free membership under the WhatsApp Business Tools settings if you meet the requirements.

Chat list filters

Users can now search a conversation list in WhatsApp to quickly access specific messages or files from contacts or filter all unread messages. The new feature makes finding items like photos, GIFs, links, and documents incredibly easy. The filter icon is close to the search bar on iPhones, Android phones, and the WhatsApp site.

To filter unread chats.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business app > Tap Search.
  2. Note: If your device is an iPhone, you may need to swipe down on the Chats screen first.
  3. Select a filter from the drop-down list to apply.
  4. Note: Filters cannot be removed or changed.


According to Meta Platforms messaging platform, WhatsApp is introducing Communities. This feature allows users to organize different chat groups into broader structures and provide other capabilities such as enhanced group video calls and in-chat polls.

With Communities, WhatsApp is raising the bar on how businesses handle a level of security and privacy unmatched by any other platform.

WhatsApp polls

WhatsApp Polls allow users to ask questions and get instant answers in group or private chats. Users in a poll can choose from up to 12 alternatives for each question.

To create a poll

  1. Open a conversation.
  2. Click Attach Icon > Poll > Create Poll
  3. Enter your question Ask a question
  4. Enter your poll options in Options > click Add. Click and drag to reorder your poll options.
  5. Tap the send icon to create and send your poll

Respond to a poll

  1. Click on the options you want to vote for.

Change your vote

  • Click on different poll options to change your vote.

View poll details

  1. Open a conversation
  2. Click View Votes

WhatsApp users can now instantly respond to status updates with eight on-screen emoji options, similar to Instagram and Facebook. This is how it works:

  1. Open a status
  2. Tap the reply option or swipe up on the status
  3. Tap an emoji reaction to send a message to that person’s chat.

Block screenshot

One such feature, blocking screenshots, was in the works for WhatsApp beta on iOS, but has not yet been discovered by WABetaInfo for Android beta. The screenshot will automatically be blocked if the recipient tries to capture one to view photos or videos, but the sender will not be notified. A user can still take pictures with another phone or camera.

Clickable links about the status

Using this feature, users can enable hyperlink URLs in the caption of status updates similar to Instagram “Stories”. Viewers can access URLs by simply clicking on the links.

The time limit for deleting sent messages

WhatsApp intends to extend the period before sent messages can be deleted to two days and 12 hours (60 hours in total). Currently, users have one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds to delete sent messages.

Search messages by date

Users can now search for messages by date thanks to a new feature that the messaging service has started pushing to some iOS beta testers. According to WABetaInfo, the functionality allows users to quickly jump to a specific date in a discussion.

When the feature is accessed while searching for a WhatsApp message, a calendar icon appears. According to WABetaInfo, the component will be available to more users in the coming weeks.

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