Jordon Franklin – All About Kecalf Cunningham’s Son

Jordan Franklin is the son of Kecalf Cunningham, who is best known as the son of Aretha Franklin, an American singer, songwriter and pianist. Jordon is a music producer and Ariana Grande is one of his clients. Jordan is the only son of the family and, like his grandmother and father, he is a singer and composer. He is an American citizen.

Quick Facts

First and last name Jordan Franklin
First name Jordan
Last name Franklin
Profession famous kid
Nationality American
Country of birth United States
father name Kecalf Cunningham
Father Occupation rapper and hip hop artist
Mother’s name Kafi Franklin
gender identity Male
Sexual orientation Straight ahead
Marital status To date
In a relationship with ria
brothers and sisters Victory Franklin, Gracie Franklin

Kecalf was imprisoned just two months after the death of his mother, Aretha

Cunningham was caught DUI just eight weeks after his mother’s death. He was sentenced to 93 days in prison for drunk driving. He was fully responsible for his actions. He was arrested for driving under the influence. He is now free.

Who is Jordon Franklin Dating Right Now?

It’s unclear who he’s seeing now, but based on his Instagram, it looks like he’s dating an Instagram model named Ria as they’ve been posting about each other quite often. He is currently more concerned with his profession than his romantic life. He composes music.

Jordan Franklin

Aretha Franklin’s grandmother has passed away

Aretha died of pancreatic cancer, which she had battled for a long time. She was 76 years old when she died. Jordon says he loves her so much and knows that in his heart she will be happy when she dies. There are no words to explain his feelings for his grandmother. He appreciates having her as a grandmother. He also added that although she died, he knows she would watch him from the windows of heaven, and he promised her that he would uphold his family’s history with pride.

Some information about his father

He is a Christian rapper who has performed several times with his mother Aretha Franklin, and in 2017 the portrait of him and his mother was placed on the street sign in her honor outside the Music Hall in Detroit. He has been compared to Shaquille O’Neal in terms of spreading beautiful thoughts through his rhymes.

He was a business manager before starting his music career. He grew up in a musical household as both his daughter and son are singers. He wants his children to follow their musical goals as their entire family has a musical heritage.

Kecalf Cunningham’s bio

He is an American Christian rapper and hip-hop musician, best known as the youngest son of the late singer-songwriter and actress Aretha Franklin. He was born in the United States on March 28, 1970. Kafi Franklin, his lovely bride, is his wife.

Jordan Franklin

They have six children together, five of whom are girls and a man. Victorie Franklin, his daughter, is also a singer and composer, as is his son, Jordon Franklin. Gracie Franklin is the name of his second sister. His late mother, Aretha Franklin, and father, Ken Cunningham, raised him. His music has a retro rap taste.

Net value

Kecalf’s net worth is projected to be around $22 million as of 2021, and his main source of income is as a rapper.