Joe Weller, a Youtuber who sparked speculation after he went missing

After his disappearance, British social media celebrity Joe Weller has sparked concern among admirers. Weller and Elliot Crawford, YouTubers, organized a trip to the Amazon jungle as part of a special series and announced it on Twitter and Instagram. On the series, Joe Weller said the two will demonstrate their survivability by foraging for food, finding water, and building shelter. He further said that there will be no telephone signal until October 13, 2022.

Fans are now concerned as it has been 21 days since the two YouTubers have heard anything back. Furthermore, it’s been a week since October 13, the day they were meant to update their followers. At the same time, other individuals feel that the silence is intentional and that the whole affair was orchestrated by the YouTubers as a PR ploy. Plus, some astute fans spotted Joe Weller’s social media and the comments started pouring in.

Fans are divided over Joe Weller’s withdrawal from social media following his Amazon excursion.

On September 28, 2022, the 26-year-old YouTuber tweeted a photo of a flight with Elliot Crawford announcing a 12-day trip to the Amazon jungle. Fans responded to the post by sending two supportive thoughts and best wishes for their journey. Others predicted that Weller and Crawford would not survive the jungle reality and would instead stay in hotel rooms with the cameras turned off. Fans were concerned about the YouTubers’ whereabouts as October 13 passed without any news from them.

Joe Weller

While others wondered where the two were, others prayed they were safe despite the scandals they were involved in. At the same time, several individuals hoped the two weren’t actually missing. Meanwhile, other internet users had doubts about the chain of events after seeing some social media activity on Weller’s Twitter and Instagram.

Some people pointed out that an Instagram post from Weller’s sister had been liked from the former’s account as a PR gimmick. Likewise, others speculated that Joe’s alleged kidnapping was a publicity stunt for his new documentary. While many people laughed at the incident, others didn’t know what to believe. According to Joe Weller’s first tweet, the movie of their Amazon jungle excursion was set to be released in mid-November.

Who exactly is Joe Weller?

Weller became popular through vlogs and YouTube challenges. The boxer is 26 years old. In 2017, he faced YouTuber Theo Baker in a boxing fight. In August 2018, Weller commented on a film for FIFA and commented on an amateur boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul.

Joe Weller

He is also a musician in development, with nine songs available on his YouTube account. He received his first recording contract with Universal Music Group in October 2021.