Joanna Pacuła – Who is she really? Net worth, husband

Who is Joanna Pacula?

Joanna Pacuła was born in Tomaszow Lubelski, Poland, on December 30, 1957 – her zodiac sign is Capricorn and she has both Polish and American nationalities. She is an actress and a former model, who is perhaps best known for her role in the crime mystery drama film “Gorky Park”, which was based on Martin Cruz Smith’s novel of the same name and starring William Hurt, Lee Marvin and Brian Dennehy. The story follows a Moscow police officer investigating a triple murder, and for her performance, Joanna was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year – Actress.

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Early life and education

Joanna grew up in Poland alongside her sister Ewa Pacuła, who is now a model, by their father, who was an engineer, and their mother, who was a pharmacist.

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Joanna became interested in acting when she entered high school, and she acted in almost all the plays performed at her school, which motivated her to enroll in the Aleksander Zelwerowicz State Theater Academy in 1975. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1979, she joined the Warsaw Dramatic Theater and acted in many plays such as “As You Like It”, “Othello” and “Romeo and Juliet”, all of them by Shakespeare.

Joanna moved to Paris in 1981 and was there when martial law was declared in Poland.

At that time, Joanna was in a relationship with the film director and actor Roman Polanski, who helped launch her modeling career and appeared on the front cover of “Vogue” magazine, while later recommending Joanna for the role in “Gorky Park”, which made her famous.

Roles in movies

Joanna has been credited with more than 80 appearances in movies and TV series and we are about to list some of her most notable performances in this article.

She made her film debut in 1977 when she was cast to play a student in the comedy drama ‘Camouflage’, after which she supported characters in many other films such as the drama ‘Yokohama’ in 1982, the romantic drama “Not Quite Paradise” in 1985 and the 1987 action drama ‘Death Before Dishonor’.

She was acclaimed for her portrayal of the main character Princess Nicole of Belgium in the comedy film “Options” in 1989, also starring Matt Salinger and John Kani and which follows a Master of Business Administration who travels to Africa for work but ends up with dating. a princess.

In 1990, Joanna starred alongside Steven Seagal in the action-adventure crime movie “Marked for Death” and she went on to appear in several critically acclaimed movies such as the drama “The Good Policeman” in 1991, the thriller horror mystery “Eyes of the Beholder” in 1992 , and the 1994 comedy thriller ‘The Silence of the Hams’ written and directed by Ezio Greggio, who also starred in the movie in .

In the same year, Joanna made her debut as a voice actor, lending her voice to Ursula von Kardoff in the historical film “Normandy: The Great Crusade”.

In 1995, she played Brenda Franelli in the comedy thriller “Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys”, and in 1997, she played the role of Selma in the comedy film “Heaven Before I Die”, written and directed by Izidore K. Musallam, which received mixed reviews.

She started the 2000s with her starring role in the action comedy “Crash and Byrnes”, while she went on to play supporting characters in several movies, such as the science fiction adventure film “Lightning: Bolts of Destruction” in 2003, the action drama “Moscow Heat” in 2004, and the drama “When Nietzsche Wept” in 2007. Joanna starred as Ruth Averill in the short drama “Good God Bad Dog” in 2011, both written and directed by Beni Atoori, and appeared in the 2013 drama “The Banksters, Madoff starring America”.

Joanna Pacula

Joanna’s two most recent roles in movies were in the action movie “ICE Agent” and the horror thriller drama “Kill Her, Not Me”, both released in 2013, while she recently finished shooting for the action movie “Break Even”.

Roles in TV series

Joanna made her TV series debut in 1980, playing Jola Morawiecka – ‘Sarna’ – in the Polish mini-series “Zielona Milosc” and in 1982 she starred as Gabi in nine episodes of the romantic drama “Jan Serce”.

In the following years, Joanna appeared in some episodes of various series such as “Zycie Kamila Kuranta” and “07 Zglos Sie”, and gained recognition in 1986 when she starred as Marissa Freilich in the romantic war drama “Crossings”.

She appeared in a single episode of the sci-fi series “EARTH Force” in 1990, but her next series role came nine years later, when she guest-starred as Yvonne Ballinger in the “Four of a Kind” episode of the western “Dead Man’s Gun”. “. In 2000, Joanna starred as Gogi in the comedy “Brutally Normal” which also starred Eddie Kaye Thomas and Lea Moreno and is about a teenage boy and his friends.

Three of Joanna’s most recent TV series roles were in the “Rivals and Departures” episode of the romantic comedy “Jake in Progress” in 2005, the episode “Mr. Monk Falls in Love” of the comedy crime drama “Monk” in 2008 , and the episode ‘The Turn in the Urn’ of the comedy crime drama ‘Bones’ in 2014.

Love life and husband

In the early ’80s, Joanna dated Roman Polanski, who is perhaps best known today for directing the films “Chinatown” in 1974, “The Tenant” in 1976, and “The Ghost Writer” in 2010. They broke up in 1983, and just a month later Joanna met Hawk Kochan American film producer, and they were married on November 17, 1984 in a private ceremony attended by their closest friends and family. because Joanna didn’t want to have kids and preferred to focus on her acting career.

Joanna has not spoken of any other men she may have been with since her divorce from Hawk, so as of September 2020 she is single, married once and has no children.

Hobbies and other interests

Joanna was very physically active during her 20s and 30s, as her modeling career depended on it – she played a variety of sports with her friends, attended multiple weekly workout sessions at the gym, and followed a strict diet.

She is a lover of animals, with cats being her favourites, and has had many domestic cats since she began her acting career.

She loves traveling and meeting new people and her acting career has taken her all over the world while her dream travel destination is Paris in France.

Joanna has her own favorite actor and actress namely Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie and some of her favorite movies are ‘Inception’, ‘Titanic’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs Smith”.

Net value

Joanna is 62 years old. She has long brown hair and blue eyes, is 1.75 m tall and weighs about 62 kg.

As of September 2020, her ability is estimated at over $6 million.