J-hope met his idol J. Cole for the first time at the Lollapalooza music festival

BTS’s j-hope ignited the internet when he shared a photo of himself with his hero J. Cole at the Lollapalooza music festival. J. Cole has long been the muse of j-musical hope, and the South Korean superstar has paid the singer countless accolades in his songs and albums. On July 31, the BTS rapper arrived in Chicago as South Korea’s first artist to headline a performance at the music festival. The BTS ARMY was overjoyed to finally see him meet J. Cole. The excited admirers couldn’t stop tweeting about the amazing event.

J. Cole’s post with BTS’ j-hope: “hope world meets cole world”

BTS, especially j-hope, have a soft spot for German-American rapper J. Cole, who is also a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and professional basketball player. Cole is recognized as one of the most influential rappers of his generation. During their early days in the business, the Bangtan boys listened to Cole and were deeply influenced by his style and work. In reality, BTS’s hit song Born Singer was an adaptation of J. Cole’s Born Sinner from his 2013 album Born Sinner.


ARMYs were overjoyed to see j-hope finally meet and connect with the artist who had long been his source of inspiration. The BTS rapper shared three photos of himself with J. Cole at Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival, which took place from Thursday, July 28 to Sunday, July 31. Fans soon saw the sheer joy on their idol’s face. In the third image Jimin appears next to the two painters.

The images have garnered more than seven million likes on Instagram and have received comments from BTS frontman RM. The Blue Side singer’s music is known for its quirkiness and innovation, and his first solo album was no exception. His debut appearance at Lollapalooza was historic to say the least, as it went on to become the biggest ticket seller in the festival’s history.

For fans, it was surreal to see him play on the same day and stage as J. Cole, reminding them just how far the idol had gone. The BTS rapper paid tribute to the icon by naming his mixtape Hope World after J. Cole’s debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story. Hip Hop Phile from J-song hope from the album Dark and Wild refers to the artist.

“There was Cole World before I constructed my own world, hope world.”

J-Hope by BTS
J-Hope by BTS

ARMYs have taken to Twitter to express their feelings about this famous pairing.

J-hope, a member of BTS, has just released his solo album, Jack, in the Box. The rapper chose a dark and grunge concept for this endeavor, which contrasts with his generally cheerful and positive nature. The member wanted his admirers to see the other part of his identity, which is usually hidden from the rest of the world.

Fans and critics alike have expressed their appreciation and excitement for the album. MORE, his album’s title track debuted at number 82 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs list. The song also reached number nine on Spotify’s Global Top Songs list, making it the highest hit debut in the history of a Korean artist.