Is Rick Owens gay? The sexuality of American fashion designer ‘Rick Owens’ may shock you!

Is Rick Owens gay

Rick Owens is a California-born American fashion designer from Porterville. Owens also has a furniture line and a few “Diffusion” lines that are cheaper versions of his main line.

Early years and education

Is Rick Owens gay

Richard Saturnino Owens was born in Porterville, California, on November 18, 1962. John Owens, who died in 2015, and Concepción “Connie” Owens raised him. His mother was born in Mexico.

Owens grew up in a Catholic family that was very conservative. After high school, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to study art at Otis College of Art and Design for two years.

He then attended the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College to learn how to make patterns and drape clothes. This led to a job in the clothing industry, where he copied designer clothes.

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Is Rick Owens gay?

Is Rick Owens gay
Rick Owens and Michele Lamy

No, Rick Owens is not gay, but according to Wikipedia he is openly bisexual. In 2006, Owens married Michele Lamy. Born in 1944, Lamy is a French fashion and culture figure.

She has designed clothes, been an artist, made movies and owns a restaurant. She is married to Rick Owens. She is a co-founder of Owenscorp and is the Executive Manager of Art/Furniture for the company.

Artist Scarlett Rouge is the only child of Michèle Lamy.

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The career of Rick Owens

Is Rick Owens gay

Owens opened a store on Hollywood Boulevard where his clothing line was sold in 1994. In 2003 he and his partner Michèle Lamy moved to Paris. There he established his home and studio in a five-story historic building that had been the office of the former French president François Mitterrand.

Since then, his collections have been seen on the catwalk in Paris. Owens and Michèle Lamy started their own clothing company, Owenscorp, in 2004. Owens said working with Lamy was like asking a gypsy to plan war with a fascist.

Owens’ “Prehistoric” collection was displayed at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London in 2013. Owens’ color palette for this seven-piece collection goes from white to black without stopping. “The name of the show, ‘Prehistoric’, refers to where people came from and is reminiscent of a mysterious ancient civilization. It has the atmosphere of a spiritual ritual, an ancient ceremony and supreme power.”

Owens won the Perry Ellis Award for New Talent in 2002 and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2017. He also won the Cooper-Hewitt Design Award for fashion design and the Fashion Group International Rule Breaker Prize.

The Triennale di Milano opened its first museum show, “Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman”, on December 15, 2017. It was a retrospective of his work from the past 20 years. Owens won the 2019 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Menswear Designer of the Year Award in June.

Owens has written three books: L’ai-je bien descent?, which came out in 2007, Rick Owens, which came out in 2011, and Rick Owens Furniture. In November 2019, Rizzoli will publish two books about Larry LeGaspi.

He started five labels, such as Rick Owens, DRKSHDW, Rick Owens Lilies, Slab (which no longer exists) and HUNRICKOWENS (formerly “Palais Royal”). In 2018 and 2019 he collaborated with Birkenstock and with the French sneaker company Veja.

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Is Rick Owens gay

The second collaboration lasted five seasons and is set to end in November 2021. Owens added to this list of collaborations in 2020 when he teamed up with Moncler and American activewear brand Champion to create capsule collections.

In a 2017 interview with WWD, the brand was said to have made $120 million the previous year. In the same interview, Owens said his label would not accept money from companies.

Owens dedicated his 2019 fashion show to Larry Le Gaspiwhom he considers his creative father.

“For me, as a youngster growing up in Porterville, California, what Larry LeGaspi did was something important – the way he invaded Central America with this subversive sensibility that he connects with soul culture – black soul culture and music all of this coming together was really essential to this boy from Porterville,” he said as he introduced Gaspi to his fall and winter collection for women for 2019.

And: “I think of Larry’s as a kind of Bible story… about the splendor of lust and sin, which I often discuss, but also about debauchery and decline, which I also often discuss… I wanted to get drunk when I was 15.

And now I kind of am. But you also have to take care of yourself.” Owens went back to Los Angeles in November 2019 to talk about the books for the first time in 16 years.