DJ Orazio Rispo and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted in NYC forming a new band

Emily Ratajkowski, an American model, was photographed in New York City with DJ Orazio Rispo. On October 14, the 31-year-old actress was seen kissing the 35-year-old DJ on a sidewalk behind parked cars. The couple made no attempt to dodge the cameras. Last month, the Gone Girl actress and Rispo were first seen together during Milan Fashion Week in Italy. Ratajkowski wore all-black attire with an over-the-shoulder blouse, slacks and red boots in the viral photo. Rispo was observed wearing a green corduroy jacket, gray trousers and shoes at the same time. After their short session, the two set off on Rispo’s bike.

DJ Orazio Rispo, Emily Ratajkowski’s latest lover, is fluent in many languages.

Born and raised in New York, DJ Orazio Rispo has been DJing for over two decades and has played all over the world. He owns Brooklyn-based record store Halcyon, which will close in 2020 due to the epidemic. Orazio received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science, cognitive psychology, and psycholinguistics from Columbia University in 2015. In addition to English, he also speaks French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Emily Ratajkowski

Orazio Rispo is the son of Giampiero Rispo, the owner of Domus Reality, a real estate agency. The company is known in New York City for selling “luxury” homes. According to Hollywood Life, DJ Orazio Rispo has also built a reputation in the IT world and is currently the chief strategy officer of Sprokit, an app that connects former criminals to jobs, social services, family, parole/probation and friends.

Rispo has over 1,400 Soundcloud followers and has played for celebrities such as Mark Getty, Stavros Niarchos, Gerard Faggionato and Uma Thurman. Emily Ratajkowski also follows him on Instagram, although his account, which has more than 4,000 followers, is private.

Emily Ratajkowski previously stated in October 2022 that she was “newly single” for the first time in her life. Her relationship with Rispo comes after it was rumored that she was dating Brad Pitt. A source told OK magazine at the time that they were “having fun” together.

Emily Ratajkowski

According to an insider:

“He invited her and she accepted. She’d always thought Brad was cute, and what did she have to lose?’

Emily Ratajkowski’s affairs and relationships after her divorce from ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in July 2022, following reports that he had cheated on her. A source informed Page Six about Bear-McClard at the time:

“It’s repulsive. He’s a dog.”

The former couple have a one-year-old child named Sylvester Apollo Bear. In September 2022, Emily filed for divorce from Sebastian.