Daniel Sosa will be featured as the host of an upcoming reality competition “Piata Masters”

Comedian Daniel Sosa will host the creative reality competition Piata Masters! 2022 on Netflix on Friday, December 23, 2022 at 3:01 AM. During the event, seven teams compete for the renowned title of Piata Masters with their colorful and imaginative work. Their inventions must impress the most demanding and fickle jury: a bunch of fussy toddlers.

A piata is a type of container made of paper mache, ceramic or cloth. It is then decorated and loaded with candy, before falling apart as part of a celebration. Talented artists and innovators from across the country will compete to create colorful paper creatures and previously unseen items from scratch. The challenge won’t be easy, though, as piña testers keep a close eye on the contestants’ concoctions. There will also be many guests on the program, with the winner receiving a million pesos.

Masters of the Piata! Daniel Sosa, the 2022 host, has done two comedy specials on Netflix.

Daniel Sosa, a Mexican comedian and writer, was born in November 1993. He attended the Unitec Campus Marina-Cuitláhuac and studied communications. He started doing stand-up comedy around the time he entered college in 2012. Sosa is considered one of the best exponents of the new generation of comedians in Mexico. Daniel, the host of Piata Masters!, has been in multiple Mexican television series, as well as other programs for various streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

Daniel Sosa

He has two comedy specials on Netflix, Sosafado in 2017 and Maleducado in 2019. In the first, which was directed by Jan Suter and Raúl Campos, Daniel spoke about housing, work-related issues, school challenges, and questions about women, among other things. themes. Meanwhile, in his second Netflix comedy special Maleducado, the artist focused on his background, Mexican customs and the problem with the movie Coco. Marcos Bucay directed the film.

Daniel’s third YouTube comedy special, Ya no es lo mismo, had more than 3.5 million views when released in 2020. The comedian has also lent his voice to animated characters from movies and TV shows, such as Ferdinand (20th Century Fox) and Scissor Seven. (Netflix).

According to improv.com, Daniel has had three successful national tours before 2020. His tour was completely sold out in Metropólitan and Pabellón M in Mexico City. The term “responsibility” refers to determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. He also starred in the TV series Casa Comedy Los Aficionados with Carolina Moran and Chumel Torres. Daniel Sosa even had an interview with Eugenio Derbez as DJ Erwin.

More about Daniel Sosa and the Piata Masters!

In Piata Masters!, a Netflix original series, 14 artists work in pairs to create different types of piatas. A panel of four young people evaluates the artwork, paying close attention to every detail, including the colors used. The teaser for Piata Masters! shows team members sprinting around the room looking for basic resources. They are then shown on the paper creating their designs before coming to life.

Daniel Sosa

As time runs out, the teams get nervous when one or more issues show up in their final product. Even the kids worry if the contenders will complete the challenge in time. Viewers will see the youngsters pounding the piatas and some masterpieces being detonated, sending the kids into ecstasy. Finally, the winning team gets the trophy and a financial reward of one million pesos. Don’t forget to watch the new season of Piata Masters! with host Daniel Sosa on Netflix on December 23.