Anja Valente – All about Dragan Stojkovic’s daughter

Dragan Stojkovic’s daughter is Anja Valente. She grew up with two siblings. She works professionally in the fashion sector. Her father, on the other hand, is a former Serbian footballer who played as a midfielder and is the current manager of the Serbian national team.

Quick Facts

First and last name Anja Valentina
First name Anja
Last name Valentine
Profession Famous daughter
Nationality Serbian
Country of birth Serbia
father name Dragan Stojkovic
Father Occupation Football Manager
Mother’s name Snezana Stojkovic
gender identity Female
Sexual orientation Straight ahead
Marital status Married
Husband Igo Valentina
Number of children 3
brothers and sisters Andrea Stojkovic and Marko Stojkovic

Dragan Stojkovic was married twice.

Dragan has been married twice to Snezana Stojkovic. In the year 1991 they married civilly in Marseille. They were still quite young then. Both were in their twenties. After a decade, they decided to take their wedding vows in front of the deity. So they held the rites in the Alexander Nevsky Church in Paris. The ceremony was relatively modest, with only 50 in attendance, all of them close friends and family. After the ceremony, they took their guests on a river trip through the ‘City of Light’. They concluded the Seine River Cruise with a reception at the Champs-Elysees restaurant.

The cause of their happy marriage

In addition, his admirers were curious about the basis of their happy marriage. She is said to have constantly shrugged Dragan during his difficult moments or defeats in the game. She even confessed that if Dragan loses the game, he won’t sleep for three nights in a row. Dragan, on the other hand, thanks his wife for her resilience over the years.

Anja Valentina

He also realized that it is far too difficult to live with someone whose job requires him to travel frequently or who is subject to stressful situations. The power couple have been together for over three decades and are still going strong, and Dragan has praised his wife for her ability to deal with adversity to this day.

Brothers and sisters

When it comes to their children, they have three: two girls named Andrea and Anja, and a boy named Marko. Andrea is already a graduate of the American University in Paris, Anja works in the fashion sector and her son Marko studied Management in London and Columbia University in New York.

Manager Dragan was spotted together with her husband and children during Anja Valente’s wedding.

Dragan’s daughter Anja married Igo Valente in a chapel. Dragan even claimed in the context of the wedding that it was no problem that it was a church wedding in Serbia as it was only a matter of time. He also said that when his daughter chose to get married, he knew the wedding would take place in the church, as their children are baptized there.

Anja Valentina

Not only that, but Dragan couldn’t hide his joy or spiritual joy as he entered the building, and Anja stood before the altar afterwards. Dragan was also overcome with emotion when he saw his young child getting married in a white dress.

Net value

Since we don’t know Anja’s financial situation, we depend on her father’s net worth which is $16 million as of 2022. He was able to reach this amount while working as a player, soccer coach and soccer coach.