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Mark Kiessling – better known as Jumex – is an American rapper, born on February 14, 2000 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is known for his punk and rock oriented rap songs.

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There is no information about Jumex’s family and childhood, and details of his early education have also not been disclosed, other than it is known that he attended Lyon Township High School. However, his drug use, depression, and several other personal issues that led him to drop out of studies have come to light.

Kiessling grew up in Brookfield and was heavily influenced by the local rap scene. He also developed an interest in rock and metal music and became a fan of artists such as David Bowie, Black Flag and the Summer Set.

While music has always been his main interest, Kiessling also became a fan of Japanese anime culture. His favorite work of this genre is “Tokyo Ghoul”, based on the famous manga (visual novel) by Ishida Sui – the story is set in a world where human carnivores – described as ghosts – live among normal people and hide their true nature .

It’s no wonder why the teenage Mark was so enthralled by the series, as the work is characterized by its dark but interesting horror theme, such as Guillermo Kurten of CBR summed it up: ‘is a visual feast in its own style.’ (…) ‘The art really comes into its own when depicting horror scenes. This is also emphasized, both in the expressiveness of the characters and in the action. Another aspect, albeit minimal, is the style in which the cover of each volume is drawn with Ishida’s style and use of colour.’

While Kiessling may have been influenced by “Tokyo Ghoul” when it comes to the visual aspects of his work, anime in general has also inspired his music, which he confirmed in an interview with AltPress in 2019: “Definitely Inspired by the image and de music because anime theme songs have crazy breaks, I really like how they build up so fast all of a sudden. I try to put that in my music.’

Early Steps

Kiessling started his music career in high school when he joined the band No Signal. While the band is known to have a punk style, there is no information about music releases or other members.

After dropping out of high school and banding, Kiessling moved to Los Angeles in search of new opportunities.


In February 2018, under the name Lil Jumex, he released his first extended play (EP), entitled “Luvburnz”, which contained four songs, followed in March of that year by “Screwed”.

Although these albums were not commercially successful, it caught the interest of Taco Bennett of Odd Future, who took it upon themselves to help Kiessling co-write and produce his single “Trapped”, released under the name Jumex, and is based on his own experiences: ‘(it) goes along with being mentally stuck in Chicago when I was 17, being stuck at school making music. I actually felt trapped in a system.’ Bennet also produced the music video for the song, which caught the attention of the media and fans for its outstanding aesthetics and production. To date, the video has over eight million views on YouTube.

Shawn Jackson out To drill, praised Jumex for the song: ‘Is something else, a special race; a mix between some lil Peep and Scarlxrd for those on the rap scene; because his screamo singing was comparable to that of the ultimate king of the emo genre, the one and only Oly Sikes, the lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon.’

However, on sites like and, the song did not receive positive reviews and was heavily criticized by users of both websites.

2019: Loner, Beloved & Tour

Jumex EP “Loner” was released in June 2019, including the title track and tracks like “Trapped”, “Alive in My Coffin” and “Billie Eilish”. The latter was not only dedicated to the singer of the same name, but was also promoted as an individual single and was praised for its aesthetic video.

This album was special to Jumex, as he took inspiration from his own past experiences to create the songs: ‘”Loner” was about my past life in Chicago before I came to LA, so that’s like escaping the mentality ( van) stuck in Chicago with the drugs, and it’s never good to be around drugs.”

While the title track garnered a significant number of views on YouTube, the EP did not garner the praise of experts or the online music communities. It achieved a score of 15 out of 100 on, and the album was heavily criticized on other sites as well.

Despite the negative reactions, Jumex embarked on his first overseas tour in June 2019, visiting several cities in Japan as the opener for the hardcore band Crossfaith.

The round was especially exciting for Jumex, because it was one of his dreams to visit the Asian country: ‘This is exactly what I expected. Everything is so cool and unique. But it’s also crazy how calm everyone is and how cold everything is.’

Jumex was welcomed by the Japanese audience and was again inspired to continue his music career: ‘It’s really cool to see the audience connecting and singing my lyrics. It’s so life high. It only gets better from here on.’

Jumex released its next EP titled “Lover” in November 2019, which featured a collaboration with famed drummer Travis Barker for the song “Spraypaint”. However, the EP was not musically praised by experts, although it received fewer negative reactions than its predecessor.

In September 2019, Jumex was the opening act for Yungblud’s concert in Los Angeles, followed by a show in November at “Day N’ Vegas Festival”.

Recent projects

After the release of the video for “spray paintIn October 2019, Jumex continued to promote its music until the end of the year.

In February 2020, Jumex released “XOXO” in collaboration with fellow rapper Lil Xan. The event was celebrated with a live concert in Chicago.

Under the name Goodnightm4rk, Jumex released the EP entitled “Nightmares” in March 2020.

Details about Jumex’s personal life, including romantic relationships, hobbies and friends are unknown.

Jumex has an estimated net worth of over $100,000 which is the result of his work as a rapper.

Jumex is easily recognized by his outrageous green hair color, sense of punk oriented fashion and face tattoo with the expression ‘XOXO’. Details about his height and weight are unknown.

Jumex apparently chose his stage name inspired by a Mexican juice company.

Jumex told Billboard he feels like he’s giving his generation a means to express what they feel through his songs: “I feel like I’m a voice for them because I don’t really talk about flex stuff like value or money . I talk about emotional issues and what people go through, you know, like high school relationships.”

In 2019, he told AltPress that he had “400 unreleased songs.”

Evil commentators on the Internet have described him as an “industrial factory.”