These 7 tips for onboarding new managers will set them up for success


Hiring a newly hired manager can be an overwhelming experience for both the new manager and the employee undergoing training. Not only do the new hires need to learn the organizational culture and procedures, but they also need to meet their team and build rapport.

The best way to build a manager for success from day one is to implement a thoughtful, thorough onboarding process. Here, seven Council for Young Entrepreneurs members share their best onboarding tips so new managers can be successful right from the start.

What is one tip you have for onboarding managers in a way that will ensure they are successful from the start? Why is this effective?

1. Invest time in training the “why”

It’s not just about processes and procedures. You should also be sure to capture the ‘business way’. Managers play a key role because they also shape the team of employees they manage. By investing the extra time in training on the ‘why’ as well, you enable the manager to lead. This suggests a manager for real success to lead a team of employees to work towards one goal. — Bill Mulholland, ARC move

2. Trust them from the start

If you treat managers as if they are on probation, they start out in a defensive stance. Communicate that there is inherent trust and room for error and that you chose them for the long haul. This is a good strategy for more than just management. Everyone wants mediation. Give it to them and watch not only your bottom line grow, but also your brand loyalty. —Matthew Capala, Alphametric

3. Let them gain practical experience

Get their hands dirty as they get to know the product. If they’re in sales, let them participate in sales calls. If they’re in marketing, have them dig into the analytics, watch buyer conversation recordings, etc. While they’re actively going through the typical onboarding checklist, it’ll be quick to get hands-on with your product or service and share. participate in conversations as an observer. get them up to speed. —Andy Karuza, NachoNacho

4. Be clear about expectations

One of the most important ways to ensure success for your managers from the start is to be crystal clear about expectations. It is absolutely essential that your managers know for sure what you expect from them from the start. The benefits of this are long lasting. Setting expectations prevents misunderstandings and ensures a good cultural fit by informing them about what your teams expect from them. —Richard Fong, Insured standard

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5. Get a good education

The best way to get managers on board is to have a good training session where you tell them about the company culture, how things happen, what is expected of them in certain situations and more. Training them from scratch is a great way to train them to thrive without fail. — Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

6. Create easily accessible documentation

It doesn’t matter if you have a new writer, social media marketer or manager on board, the right documentation makes all the difference. We have a comprehensive list of documents created by existing team members that new hires can access to learn more about their roles and get step-by-step information on how to complete specific tasks. —John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC

7. Share seemingly “counter-intuitive” skills and knowledge

When onboarding, it is paramount that new hires have a good understanding of their role, so that they know what skills or knowledge are needed to do it right. While many things can be learned on the job, prioritizing lessons and training on concepts that are counterintuitive or difficult to pick up will help new managers thrive quickly and avoid problems that people of the past have fallen into. —Akshar Bonu, The custom move

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