Start shopping at Sam’s Club for your company’s daily essentials

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Whether you’re stocking your office kitchen or stocking the closet with office essentials, you may find a better price on bulk goods by shopping at a warehouse-style store like Sam’s Club. Compared to most supermarket chains, you could save up to 40% at Sam’s Cluband now you can get a one-year Plus membership with a 36% discount.


Use Sam’s Club for your business inventory.

A Sam’s Club membership is a long-term investment that can start saving your business money on your first shopping trip. If you need office electronics such as printers, computers and scanners, check out the Sam’s Club electronics section. You may need to outsource technical support, but you can still save on the technology itself. They have an extensive selection in-person and online, and you can arrange shipping directly to your brick-and-mortar store.

Once you have devices and supplies under control, shift your focus to food and drink. Workplace parties and an endless supply of snacks and drinks can boost employee morale, but they don’t come cheap. Traditional catering can add up to $40 per person. By getting your daily snacks and party supplies from Sam’s Club, you can make the most of your HR budget. Buy your team lunches, paper plates, plastic cutlery and drinks at Sam’s, then use those savings to improve the business in other ways.

Sam’s Club Services are even more varied than their product range. Get your car’s tires serviced while you shop and do personal errands like getting prescriptions, polishing jewelry, ordering new glasses and more.

Because this is a Sam’s Club Plus membership, there are additional benefits in addition to great value. Firstly, you can get in before the crowds with early shopping hours for Plus members – and we all know time is money. You’ll also get free shipping on eligible online orders, free curbside pickup, 2% Sam’s Cashback on eligible purchases, and other Plus-exclusive offers.

Groceries, car services, office supplies and more.

No matter how big your business or office is, you will always need things like printer paper and coffee, but you can get them and much more for much less when you shop at Sam’s Club. Get a year Sam’s Club Plus Membership for 36% off, just $70.

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