Remote work is better with this portable touchscreen monitor

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One of the best parts of remote working is that you can set up an office anywhere there is Wi-Fi. From your favorite coffee shop to a cozy library to the local pub, you really can work anywhere. But whether you can be productive anywhere is another story.


You need the right tools to support your remote working lifestyle, and if you spend a lot of time multitasking between tabs, you’ll probably want a second monitor. Fortunately, you don’t have to stay tied to your home office if you have the option Desklab portable touchscreen monitor.

An extra monitor can be a great asset, whether you’re a designer, data analyst, student, or anyone else who works with a lot of open windows. However, Desklab is more than just a monitor. The versatile, ultra-portable 4K display gives your laptop touchscreen functionality, giving you the added flexibility you’d expect from a tablet. You can set up your laptop with the regular keyboard and add a second touchscreen monitor to make sketching, designing, managing data, chatting and much more easier. Desklab connects via USB-C, HDMI or 3.5mm auxiliary ports, making it usable with your laptop, desktop, phone, tablet or even your gaming console.

Desklab offers integrated speakers and a plug-and-play design that allows you to use it as a complete system, helping you reduce the clutter in your backpack. Universal compatibility and a portable, lightweight design make it just about the perfect companion for any home worker.

Make the most of every day, no matter where you decide to work. You can currently use the Desklab portable touchscreen monitor for 58% off $700 for just $289.99. That’s a huge discount on a tool you can use every day of your remote life.

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