Pedometers for cows? Yes, it’s a thing.

We’ve become obsessed with hitting our 10,000 steps a day.

Sales of wearable step trackers made by Fitbit, Garmin and Apple are estimated to generate $97.5 billion in revenue in 2022.

And now cows are entering the portable market. Wait, cows?

You read that right. An Indian company called Stellapps has created a “MooOn” device that goes around a cow’s leg and tracks its activity levels.

“We have a device that resembles a Fitbit for cattle,” said Ranjith Mukundan, co-founder and CEO of Stellapps, told CNN.

What is happening?

India is the world’s largest dairy market, producing 52,000 gallons of milk annually. The Stellapps MooOn monitors cow health and lets farmers and vets know when a cow may be sick, not exercising enough, or even ovulating (apparently cows move less when sick and more when ovulating).

No word on how many steps a cow needs daily to be healthy.

More than just a pedometer

According to the CNN report, Stellapps does more than just follow a cow’s steps. It also follows the journey of milk from farm to table.

An ultrasonic analyzer measures the nutritional value of the milk, allowing farmers to be aware of the nutritional needs of their cows. Stellapps also works with a digital scale to measure the amount of milk delivered. It then transfers payments directly to farmers’ bank accounts through a “mooPay” platform.

Once the milk is delivered to the processing plant, app sensors monitor it to ensure it is not tampered with or tampered with.

Stellapps hopes to modernize the Indian milk industry by making it traceable and safe. Mukundan said his goal is to “vouch for every glass of milk.”