How IM Academy Expanded Internationally in Its First 10 Years

Founded a decade ago, IM Academy has secured a spot among the leaders in online financial education. Tracing its expansion from a budding startup to an international academy sheds some light on how online education platforms have boomed in recent years. It also shows how platforms have stayed relevant by seeking to diversify their programs.

The Foundation of Expansion

The nucleus of IM Academy’s success lies in its distinct educational approach to online learning about a variety of financial markets. From IM Academy’s founding in 2013, CEO Chris Terry wanted to use the effective tools available to online learners to help those who were curious about the fast-moving foreign exchange (forex) market, the world’s largest and most trafficked market. The Academy offered a mix of readings and videos with opportunities for live mentorship with educators, an approach it retains to this day. The aim is to provide learners with tools to help them try to decode market patterns and recognize trends.

As the internet and financial markets evolved, so did IM Academy, expanding its focus to cover growing markets such as digital currencies and long-established markets such as stocks and futures, which have become accessible to individual market participants. 

Despite growing to cover different markets, a central component of the Academy’s philosophy across all its offerings is chart analysis. Based on their educational interests, IM Academy students sign up for one or more separate academies, each with some element of chart analysis but a different specific focus. The various academies cover a gamut of strategies to dissect market behaviors, ranging from time-based analyses like short-, medium-, and long-term analysis, to more intricate mathematical tools like Fibonacci sequences and Elliott wave theory. These strategies share an emphasis on analyzing visual representations of market activity to identify patterns. By grounding students in these foundational methods, the Academy prepares students to make informed decisions irrespective of market conditions.

Bringing the Online Community Offline

While its digital presence plays a crucial role in IM Academy’s success, the Academy also recognizes the value of in-person interactions. Over the years, annual events began to dot the Academy’s calendar. As its student base grew globally, so did the locations of these events. From Europe to Asia, these occasions have fostered networking and offered a blend of academic sessions and community building.

The events provide a platform for students to immerse themselves in real-world financial discussions, meeting other independent business owners, students, and educators. They have solidified IM Academy’s presence in countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and many more, branding the company as a global business. 

Some recent events have been held in locations ranging from Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, to Florida and Arizona. The next gathering is scheduled for Sept. 7-10 in Zagreb, Croatia. 

Global Accessibility

A cornerstone of IM Academy’s strategic approach to international expansion is a commitment to accessibility. By offering diverse asynchronous learning materials, the Academy has positioned itself as a convenient option for learners worldwide. Whether in New York or New Delhi, students can access content at their preferred pace and time. This flexibility has played a pivotal role in attracting a global audience.

It’s also been crucial that programs are offered in several languages. Students can access content from IM Academy in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Polish. Multilingual educators also help, and online GoLive live online discussion sessions are available in several languages. 

Moreover, the variety of content formats — from videos and readings to interactive platforms — allow the Academy to cater to the diverse preferences of an international cohort.

Growth Challenges and the Way Forward

While IM Academy’s 10-year journey boasts notable successes, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges any institution faces in international expansion. Differences in regulatory environments, variations in financial market behaviors across regions, and the need to adapt content for local relevance were just a few of the hurdles the Academy has overcome.

It’s this very adaptability that’s set the Academy apart. As the Academy steps into its next decade, one can likely expect further innovation, expansion, and a sustained commitment to delivering financial education on a global scale.

In retrospect, the Academy’s international success in its inaugural decade provides a testament to its balanced approach — a solid foundational philosophy, continuous adaptation, global accessibility, and the human touch in the form of live events. The rate and nature of online engagement with financial markets are changing rapidly, and platforms like IM Academy can influence informed global financial communities.

Note: IM Mastery Academy is not an advisory or broker service. IM Mastery Academy provides online educational services only.