Halloween Yard Decor Is Going Viral Because It’s The ‘Scary’

This house’s Halloween decorations go viral without a witch, ghost, or pumpkin in sight.

Talk about scary!

Instead, this house sharpened what scares us all every day — “Rent,” “Bills,” “Calories,” “Gas Prices,” “Taxes,” “We Need to Talk,” and other fear-inducing tasks and topics, and splattered them. across the lawn, according to a video shared via Instagram by neighbor @harthandhome.

The account posted a roll with the caption, “Best October decor in town. #smalltownlife #hildasplaceinthisworld.”

According to an blog by @harthandhomeseems to live next door in North Carolina.

Shortly after posting the video, the account holder tagged the person responsible for the display, homeowner RJ Smith. So far, the video has 359,000 likes and 2,890 comments. Smith shared his own video of his garden and the inspiration for his unique decor.

“Went with the ‘scary stuff for adults’ for my Halloween garden decor this year #halloweendecorations #funnyhalloween‘ he wrote at the clamp. In the comments, one user wrote: “When I tell you, I screamed when I saw this.”

On @harthandhome’s video, people took to the comments to applaud the unique take on Halloween decor, with one user writing “No lies detected in ANY of those creepy things lol”, and another adding: “Top humor . I want a neighbor like.”

Others added some character suggestions that would definitely freak out. “Add 15 missed calls from mom,” one person commented, while another chimed in: “Grades, midterms, final exams, forgot student loans….”