Choosing a mattress? Now that the venture capital based marketing hype is over, it’s time to focus on quality, value and sleep.

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If you bought a mattress between 2015 and 2019, chances are you’ve been inundated with ads from brands like Casper, Purple, and Nectar. It felt like all you had to do was whisper the word “mattress” and somehow Facebook and Instagram found you. These campaigns were driven by a marketing frenzy, funded by investors and run by people who knew a lot about marketing but very little about mattresses.



Perhaps the only exception was and remains Leesa. Leesa’s co-founder, Jamie Diamonstein, already had 30 years of experience in the mattress industry when he designed the original Leesa mattress in 2014. $2,000 + mattresses, but sold for only $1,000 and came in a box. And Leesa has still managed to maintain affordable prices even as the economy fluctuates.

Leesa has never been in the business of compressing cheap foam mattresses. Shortly after the launch of the original foam mattress, Diamonstein began designing a pocket-sprung-foam hybrid mattress that would rival any traditional mattress costing $3,000 or more, but packaged somehow and conveniently delivered in a box .

Diamonstein teamed up with leading spring manufacturer, Leggett and Platt, to create the incredible Sapira mattress, which “the perfect combination of support, rejuvenation and comfort” with an extraordinary spring system and ultra-high-quality foam. It may be the perfect mattress for people who enjoy the best in life, but would rather pay much less.

If you like a Tempurpedic style mattress, you can still buy the Leesa Original Foam mattress and get the foam experience for much less. Leesa now offers three innerspring and foam hybrids at three price points. The award winning Sapira mattress, the super value Original Hybrid and an incredible luxury Legend Hybrid.

Leesa’s entrepreneurial story has been featured more than six times on, and the Diamonstein co-founder was recognized as 2018 EY of the Year in the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition, since day one, Leesa has donated one mattress for every 10 mattresses sold. With approximately 40,000 mattresses now donated to shelters across the US, this equates to 1.5 million nights per month slept on Leesa’s donated mattresses.

So now that all the venture capital money has run out and the marketing hype has died down, now might be the best time to buy a Leesa mattress. Leesa says it has never compromised on quality because sleep has always been prioritized over marketing hype.

Of Leesa’s December deal (available now through the end of December), you can save up to $700 and get a free luxury set of organic cotton sheets with your order ($179). You can also save on organic cotton sheets, cooling pillows and all bedding.

Leesa mattresses are all arguably incredible value for the money, with prices starting at $749 for a twin Original and going all the way up to $2,299 for a king or Cal-king Legend. Plus, people are raving about the Sapira Hybrid for just $1,699 for the queen size.

Leesa was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and sleep enthusiasts everywhere.

Prices subject to change.