11 steps companies can take to impress this year’s university job fairs

When looking for new talent, companies often wait for the talent to come to them; often, however, the most effective plan is to seek them out. With school back on track, companies can now focus their efforts on recruiting from their local college campuses, where enthusiastic, creative individuals want to make their mark.

But to impress, companies will have to take a few steps to ensure that they stand out from other companies looking for the best. To help, the members of Council for Young Entrepreneurs offer their top tips for impressing at university job fairs this year and explain how following these tips can help any company find the best talent.

1. Show what makes your business exciting

It is essential to list your perks and benefits and advancement opportunities, but many companies may have very similar and competitive offerings. To stand out, show students why growing and learning at your organization is fun and unique. Is it your unique and diverse clients or your corporate retreats? Use your company’s “secret sauce” to attract graduates. – Ryan D Matzner, fueled up

2. Highlight opportunities for accelerated growth

Traditional jobs offer linear career progression. However, in today’s environment, candidates want more than just steady growth. They want to be promoted on merit, more than just seniority or time invested. – Firas Kittanehu, Amerisleep mattress

3. Integrate virtual or augmented reality

To impress the next generation, you need to come up with a smart and contemporary way to upgrade legacy processes. Everyone else will probably recruit the old-fashioned way. So interactive sessions with potential candidates and organizing virtual office tours would give them a different feeling about your company. – Stephanie Wells, Formidable shapes

4. Offer company swag and freebies

Companies can give away free things, such as T-shirts or pens with their company logo to attract attention and interest. This is an effective way to get students to remember your company and talk to you at the job fair. It is also a good way to start a conversation and get to know the students. Taking this step will help companies find the best talent at university job fairs. – Blair Williams, Members Press

5. Maintain a friendly, approachable attitude

One step companies should take if they want to impress potential employees at university job fairs is to focus on being friendly and approachable. Be clear about a genuine interest in finding the best talent, not just filling a regular position. Allow plenty of time when you talk to each student who visits your booth, focusing on really listening to their concerns and dreams. – Richard Fong, Help for the disabled

6. Highlight your company values

Focus on company values ​​and why you chose those values. As a criminal defense law firm, we explain that integrity is one of our values ​​because it takes years to build a good reputation and minutes to ruin it. Law students appreciate this and want to uphold their ethics early in their careers. By giving practical examples of how your values ​​play a role in the professional field, you distinguish yourself. – Givelle Laman, Law firm Lamano

7. Encourage younger team members to attend

Invite some of your younger team members who are just out of college. They will be much more related to the talent you are trying to recruit. This will gain the trust of potential recruits and give them a better idea of ​​what life might be like one to two years after college when they join your company. – Andy Karuzac, NachoNacho

8. Speak to their wishes

Understanding what students are looking for in their careers and personal lives can go a long way. I believe the world of work has shifted and graduating students want more than a nice job title and salary. They want a work-life balance, doing work that has a positive impact on the world and collaborating with other smart and passionate people. – Nathalie Lussier, AccessAlly

9. Discuss your benefits package

The key to impressing and recruiting students at job fairs is to offer them an attractive benefits package. Potential benefits include paid time off, annual bonuses, healthcare, and resources they can use to continue their education. College students want more than a simple job; many are looking to start their careers. A robust benefits package acts as a fantastic selling point. – Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

10. Add a multimedia presentation

In addition to the basics, such as a beautiful, organized display and people on hand to create resumes, a company with a multimedia presentation will attract college students. It doesn’t have to blow the room, but it should include some video and sound to show off the company. You may also want to include some gamification skills tests for students to try. – Baruch Labunskic, Rank Safe

11. Get to know the students

The best way to win over potential recruits is to ask them questions about themselves. Far too many people at these events push the idea of ​​working for their brand without understanding who they are talking to. Getting to know the people who are interested in your job openings will help you determine if they’re a good fit for your company. – John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC